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Do what you love and are passionate about and make changes today!

Be passionate about property and what it can deliver by way of lifestyle. It’s not for everyone. Some people hate property so they go and do other things that make them money but eventually still buy property as it’s such a good asset to have.

Please don’t get into this business if you’re not truly passionate about it or you will end up getting bored and much worse you may end up losing money – simply because your decisions are not going to be what they need to be.

…and please don’t blame others for your own mistakes and lack of action. This is all down to you – get educated and get off your butt and take action.

Are you ready to make a change in your life and your mindset?

If your answer is NO then stop reading.

If your answer is YES then please stick with me and let’s see how we can work together to get you moving upwards and onwards.

If you decide to invest in property and you spend money on information, seminars and perhaps a good mentor then you will need to get a return on your investment quickly.

There are various strategies to do this and some can be done without the need of your own money.


If you do this just for the money then you will reduce your chances of success. You must have an inner burning desire to succeed for whatever reason.

Some do this to get a retirement fund, some as a hobby and many for their kid’s future and education. You may just want to improve your quality of life and having a residual income each month can deliver this.

I do it because I have a young son and daughter who is at the time of writing this 2 weeks old. Hey I’d love to take a month or so off but my desire for continued success just keeps burning and I get frustrated if I’m not buying properties and helping others.

I look at myself everyday and evaluate myself on how I’m going – what I’ve done and what I could have done better. I love to learn and take action and of course along the way I try to short cut the route to success and find myself taking more time to get back on track.

Ask my property mentor Glenn Armstrong and he will tell you the mistakes I have made in the 8 years we have known each other.

Glenn has taught me when to ‘shut up’ and when sometimes the less said the better. There are times when people just need to make a decision based on the simple information and too much can confuse them.

This is so with agents and direct vendors. You need to learn quickly how to deal with each of these and the many personalities that come with the territory.


So if you are a successful entrepreneur with tons of money and no real need for anymore you may not feel there is a need for change. If you have an amazingly positive mind where issues become challenges and you thrive on solving problems for profit then you may feel that change is not needed.

BUT if you do not possess such qualities at this point in time you can still change.

What I mean is you can learn to change and make a difference to you and to others in a short period of time.

Socrates quotes;
“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

Draw a line in the sand where your old thinking will end and step over to where you want to be. Change your way of thinking and you will change how you act and how you react.

Be passionate, care about what you do for yourself and others and share your knowledge and wealth and you will continue to succeed in all aspects of life.

Please see the link below for access to my free reports.



I have just been reading this great article from Property Reporter

As a keen property developer I always like to keep up to date on the property market. In the past couple of months we have seen the property market change house prices have risen.
This article is a must read for anybody who is currently a property developer or for people who are looking at becoming a property developer. Have a look at this article and let me know what you think.

Annual house price growth hits 10.9%

A 1.2% increase in house prices during April sees annual growth reaching double digits for first time since April 2010.
Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s Chief Economist, confirmed after several months of moderation, the pace of house price growth picked up in April, with prices rising by 1.2% during the month. As a result, annual house price growth has reached double digits for the first time in four years, with the price of a typical home 10.9% higher than April 2013.

“The introduction of Mortgage Market Review (MMR) measures could have an impact on activity levels in the months ahead as the new measures bed down. However, underlying demand is likely to remain robust, as mortgage rates remain close to all-time lows and as consumer confidence improves further on the back of stronger labour market conditions and the brighter economic outlook.

Earnings growth is beginning to pick up, with wage increases finally outpacing the rise in the cost of living in February. Nevertheless, house price growth is outstripping income growth by a wide margin. The risk is that unless supply accelerates significantly, affordability will become stretched.

The upturn in construction of new homes continues to lag far behind the upturn in demand, with the number of new homes being built in England still around 40% below pre-crisis levels (and this was already insufficient to keep up with the increase in the number of households being formed). MMR measures, which place a greater emphasis on affordability, should help to ensure that prices do not become detached from earnings.

Blog Post Image 6th May Higher priced areas of London and South East have experienced larger price gains.

“A notable feature of the upturn in the housing market is that price growth has been significantly stronger in the South of England, especially in London and the South East. In the first quarter of 2014, prices in the capital were around 20% higher than their pre-crisis levels, while in the UK as a whole prices were still around 2% lower.

Interestingly, price growth in London and the South East appears to be being driven by the top end of the market, with higher priced locations recording stronger price growth.

This pattern accords with housing transactions data, which shows that higher priced properties in London and the South East have accounted for a higher proportion of transactions. For example, in London the proportion of housing transactions involving properties over £500,000 has increased from 13% in 2007 to around 25% in 2013. The share involving properties of over £1m has more than doubled from 3% to more than 6%.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.
At the moment I am running my Mentorship Programme, in this programme I am teaching my students how to buy investment properties.
I have made 58 of my student’s property millionaire; if you would like any more information on my Mentorship Programme please email

ALWAYS buy from motivated sellers

If you want to secure a good discount on an investment property to help you continue to recycle your pot of money then you must buy from Motivated Sellers.

Motivated sellers are people who need to move fast and are willing to offer you a lower price in return.

These come in various forms but many are motivated by lack of money or other reasons to sell fast.

Common reasons why somebody needs to move quickly include the following;

  • Divorce or break up
  • Moving abroad for a new job or family reasons
  • Repossessions where they have little choice but to move
  • Lack of money
  • Need extra money quickly
  • Debts
  • Probate
  • Bad tenants
  • Poor condition of property
  • Inheritance

How Do I Find Motivated Sellers?
There are various ways to find motivated sellers. Using the newspapers can be effective and you get a much wider geography if you’re looking to cover large areas to find leads. It’s a little tough to be targeted to micro areas within your chosen location.
Leaflets are also a popular method and you can test different strategies in small areas within your location.
Using estate agents Is also a great way to get leads from motivated sellers especially probate and houses that are a little worn out and need a little TLC to get back to where they should be.
Websites can be effective but it’s a little harder to target your area given it is the World Wide Web. You will get a lot of leads outside your area and so this may be a waste but you can always consider selling these on.
Of course each and every strategy mentioned has its own special way of working and so you will need to know how to get started and what to use in the content – more importantly how to approach the estate agents and what you need to say.
Investing in Property is extremely profitable if you know how to approach each and every strategy. This is the same for marketing to find the deals. Property Investing is not just about the property, it’s about the people you deal with day in day out and there are methods of dealing with vendors and estate agents. Get this wrong and you will lose the motivated sellers your marketing pulled in.
To find out more please visit our Property Investor Beginners site at
Yours for Property Profits
Ashley Banfield

Weekly Update

Monday 31st March
Started the day in the gym with 30 minute cardio session then an hour with my personal trainer.
I had a full day of appointments including a business plan with a client who has recently inherited a large property in London.
Time spent with my in house senior conveyancer going through any issues or updates needing attention from the 58 property development projects we are currently running.
Several hours were then spent with Melanie and our Marketing expert.
I then interviewed two very ambitious lads who want to Join Ian Lawson on my Private clients
Mentoring programme.

Tuesday 1st April.

After going to the gym and spending an hour with my Personal trainer I went into the office where I ran my weekly property advice webinar for people who have been on my property course and joined my years mentoring programme.
I then travelled up to Leeds. Wednesday morning I went to meet Lorraine who has recently completed my property course and is on The Partnership Programme. I viewed a potential property investment project with her in Sycamore Close a few min’s away from where she lives. Vendor had told her the whole property was available for £250,000 but did not make it clear that it was for the freehold of the main property and the freehold of the flat that had been split off. Unfortunately the leasehold of the flat was not included. It was available separately for just over £100,000
We had then arranged to go and see another property investment project around 45 minutes away in Hebden unfortunately the vendor had been called into work and was not available. Lorraine is now preparing a power point report for me.


Thursday I went and viewed a plot of 12 Acres with a view to taking an option agreement getting planning permission, to build as many properties as possible and then either selling it on with the planning or finding a JV partner and building it out. I have put in an offer and I am waiting for an answer.

After attending the gym I ran my Partnership Programme day. During the day I accepted two new potential property projects one of which is near Market Harborough. We went out and viewed a property I have owned for several years that is currently undergoing refurbishment. Most attendees that priced up the project were within a few thousand pounds of the actual price. This is a very good exercise that I do every week with the attendees of my property development training day at a different property. I also spotted that the property we visited has the potential of building another property on the side and look forward to talking this through with my planning expert.

Saturday saw the successful launch of Ashley’s 1 day beginner’s property course.
Priced at only £67.00 this day is amazing value. The reviews from the attendees were amazing.
Ashley has prepared a free report called “The Essential Tips for newbie Property Investors”

He has written this for newbies looking for real guidance in starting a property investment business

You can download it here



Weekly Update

This week after running my weekly webinar on Tuesday, I will be travelling to Hastings to look at 1 or 2 deals found by Phil Turtle who is on my partnership programme.

Great partnership programme day Friday with two new deals being confirmed. Keeping on target of 6-8 new projects per month.

Offer in on a deal purchased at £125,000 with Ashley Banfield which he has an offer we have accepted of £167,000 after a £13,000 refurb.

Just about to send in a planning application to build 2 properties in the garden of a recently purchased property with Ben Hartley.

A property we have just built in Croydon is just about to go on the market at £450,000 which is £100,000 more than predicted when we applied for planning about a year ago.


Great week