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Glenn’s Week

Monday morning after my marketing meeting was followed by a 1 hour business plan.
If anyone is reading this has experience of giving keys back on Spanish or Cypriot properties that were in negative equity and funded by a local bank, please email me in confidence at as I have someone who I would like to help considering doing this.
I spent some time with my in house senior conveyencer who updated me on the progress of the 58 development projects some of which are going through legal’s either in or out.

I had my first of the monthly 5 hour Private client mentoring sessions with my new clients. They had recently attended my 4 day property course. I have set them a target for their business to make a 1 Million Pound profit from month six to month 18 from starting the programme. I took them to see a property that I have purchased for £212,500 and have just sold for £340,000 after a £20,000 refurb. It is due to complete at the end of this month. I will keep you updated on their progress.

Tuesday I ran my weekly webinar, I then looked at a potential property development project in Milton Keynes before driving up to Peterborough. I am looking for land just outside Milton Keynes to build a high spec 10,000 square foot house on. Unfortunately the property I looked at was too close to the very noisy M1 motorway.
Wednesday I viewed a property in a very expensive little village near Market Harborough , and then I met Ben who is on my partnership programme at our investment development in Werrington near Peterborough. We have nearly completed a property investment project where we purchased a property for £190,000 and have spent £25,000 refurbishing it. We are two weeks away from putting it back on the market at around £285,000 without a part of the garden which we have fenced off and applied for planning permission to build 2 x 2 bed semi’s on the plot.

Thursday afternoon I returned to Milton Keynes after doing several more viewings in time to run my three hour property brainstorming session.
During the session which had 28 people in attendance, all at differing stages of their property businesses and from different towns from around the UK, we chatted about the current UK market, what strategies work and where they work the best I went through quite a few examples of deals we are doing. I also managed to help a few stuck people become un-stuck. People who were struggling with the strategy they were focused on. I am constantly reminded that “YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU DONT KNOW”. I am pleased to say that with sometimes only a slight change in what they are doing will bring about a huge level of success.

Friday started off by attending the Gym. Ian Lawson attended my personal trainer session with me. During the session my personal trainer explained to Ian after his attempt at 20 reps of a particular exercise finished at 17 and he was happy to have stopped there, he explained that there is no growth in the comfort zone and that there is no comfort in the growth zone. You can learn a lot about people and how they react when you get taken to the pain barrier and beyond. This gave us the title for his mindset session that he did on Saturday at my monthly mastermind and I am pleased to say he finished the last three reps!!!!
The Partnership Programme day was very interesting. We visited a development project and I asked everyone to price up the work still required on a forth unfinished apartment. It is a property I purchased for £175,000 and have converted into 4 x 2 bed apartments that have recently been valued at £115,000 each. They rent for £700 pcm each 2 are rented one is vacant until next week and one is nearly finished.
I explained to everyone how Ian has structured a deal that he is purchasing for £1 million using commercial finance that he is funding 100% from within itself. It gives of a monthly cash flow profit of £10,000 so well worth the complexities of the negotiation.
Sat Mastermind day had 30 attendees. We spent the first session talking about the current market around the country. The second session was brilliantly done by Ian Lawson who discussed “There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone”. He went on to getting everyone to focus on their why as a tool to tolerating the discomfort they sometimes get in the growth zone.

We spent the first afternoon session doing a property negotiation roleplay ,The final session was looking at the results from last month’s goal setting and setting new goals for the following month. We discussed and help structure a few potential deals and also spoke about everyone’s rent to rent challenges and progress. I love how everyone within the group helps and supports everyone else. 1 Person in the group has volunteered to get their Polish tenants write an advert for room rents in polish to help another member advertise her rooms in the local area.



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