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Glenn’s week

Following on from running last weeks four day property course which ran from Thursday until Sunday

I travelled Tuesday afternoon down to Wiltshire where I spoke at the Wiltshire pen event many thanks to a great warm welcome to the people there. Look forward to seeing several of them on my next Property Course.

Wednesday I had to meet the surveyor from the Bank at one of my property development projects.. One of the things that happens when you borrow property development finance from a bank is that you sometimes have to pay for a six month survey. The surveyor then comes out and checks you are making sufficient progress on the project. I am pleased to say he went away very happy as we are only three weeks off completing this project. Well done to keith who learned the basics of finding a project and about property development on my property course but is now putting his learning’s into practice.

Here are some pictures of the project that I am running with Keith who is also on my Property Development Partnership programme.

Glenn Keith Project 2
Glenn Keith Project

We paid £176,000 for this property. We have spent just over £40,000 converting this 5 bed badly laid out bungalow with a tiny kitchen into a three bed bungalow with a great kitchen / family area. Estate agents have recommended we let them market this for £300,000.

Glenn-Speaking-NEC - 2

After the survey I travelled to Birmingham NEC where I have been speaking at the property investor Expo.

This event was a four day event running from Thursday through to Sunday and everyday I have spoken to a packed audience so a big thanks to the organises for running such a great event.

I have added some photos of the event. Many of the attendees have expressed an interest or have booked on one of my next property courses. It was great to bump into several people who are property developers or are into property development and wish they could run more projects but lack the funds. We spoke a lot about how to make their cash go further using our strategies.

Glenn Speaking NEC 3

Looking forward to getting back to a normal week next week. I have also worked on a new one day property course for beginners which we will be running soon priced at £67.00 plus vat

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