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My new book, how to become a property millionaire

Can I ask you for some feedback on the proposed title of my book please.
Just finished the finishing touches on the first draft of my book, five weeks in Portugal and that was my goal while I was away. Back in UK later today!!

How To Become A Property Millionaire

The 6 Steps To Financial Freedom

By Glenn Armstrong
The Millionaire Maker

The UK’S Number 1 Property Investment Expert and Mentor

please email feedback to glenn@glennarmstrong.com

How to stop procrastination

Glenn Armstrong

In my quest to become a better teacher I am reading up on “procrastination”
What causes it and how to stop it. Afterall if you have something you have been putting off for weeks it eats into you. If you were offered “today” a million pound to complete that project would you have it done in a week, a day or an hour?

What is the project you have been putting off? How important is it to you that you complete it. What will it mean to you once completed?

email me with what it is and when you will complete it (deadline). You may be surprised by my reply, I believe I have found the missing link!!!

I can help

It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, it matters that it’s a fact.

The Rich get richer because they put themselves into positions to make money. The broke stay broke because they don’t answer when opportunity knocks because they are afraid of what’s on the other side of the door. They would rather follow the instructions of a boss than be their own boss. Stop being so scared and skeptical. I can help..email glenn@glennarmstrong.com

8 Motivational Quotes including one from Crocodile Dundee

There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them – Anon
What you would do willingly for ffee is the only thing you should ever do for money – Raymond Aaron
Action is the foundationkey to all success – Pablo Picasso
Goals are Dreams with deadlines –
The mind is like an elastic band; once stretched by a new idea, it never regains its original dimension –
and my favorite quote for today….Snowmen fall to earth , unassembled – Raymond Aaron
Bite off more than you can chew, then chew like crazy – Crocodile Dundee
Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far they can go – T.S. Eliot

Introduction to Property Investing

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How to invest in property starting with no money

How to buy a house for a £

How to buy one house and get one free

How to protect yourself from interest rate rises

How to make £200k per year flipping property using none of your own money.

From the property investor who purchased 192 properties (worth over £30 million) in just 3.5 years starting with very little cash.

Golden Nugget from this weeks webinar

On this weeks webinar this was voted number 1 “Nugget of information” How to get a remortgage valuation to value at market price when you purchased the property below market value six months before.
To listen to the webinar where I shared this nugget email niquita@glennarmstrong.com for a link ask for webinar 4

Next weeks webinar is about buying a property and converting it into flats or appartments.
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5. Splitting titles on a property and adding an extra 100k to the value 08/05/2012
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