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Do you want to earn £200,000 per year flipping property

Do you want to earn £200,000 per year flipping property using none of your own money!!

· I will teach you how to do this step by step on my partnership programme!

· I will fund your projects if needed!

· No deposits required if you don’t have it!

· No mortgages required if you cannot get one!

· Zero cost marketing!

This programme is only being offer to a small group of applicants.

If selected you will be part of my partnership programme, learning hands-on and working alongside myself and team, giving you expert knowledge to reapply in your own area.

As a result of ZERO cost marketing, You will learn how to convert the calls that come into DEALS. In fact, you will be able to listen live to me negotiating deals.

You will learn how to:

Negotiate deals that take none of your cash

Negotiate with vendors in their homes

If you have the cash and can fund the deposits you will learn how to get great deals from agents

Negotiate with agents

Price and oversee refurbs

Correctly perform Due diligence to ensure a 20k to 30k profit

You will learn all of the above while working side by side with me in my business learning hands on.

Once you have learnt how to do all of this while shadowing me and working hands on in my business you can then take your new found knowledge and replicate it in an area near you.

It would be better if you could fund the deposit and take out the mortgage however:-

If you have no cash and cannot get mortgages, I will provide the financing for the projects that you find. So if you have no cash and cannot get mortgages it does not matter.

I recently interviewed Stuart Roffey on his experiences with the partnership programme so far. You can view the video here:


Your first project

I will provide the marketing copy to market for the property.

I will teach you how to negotiate with the vendor or with an estate agent

I will do the due diligence with you and come and see the property.

I will work with you on the best way to refurbish the house to maximise the profit we make

I will fund the purchase and the refurb if necessary.

I will split the profit with you 50 / 50 if I fund it. I will split it 75% 25% in your favour If you fund it.

Your initial investment is £6k which is payable up front when joining the programme, and a further 4k on completion of the first project which can be paid from your share of the profit.

If this is of interest to you please send me an email,send it to glenn@glennarmstrong.com telling me about you, and why I should select you to be my one of my selected partners. I will read
through the applications I receive, and select the best ones for an interview.  You will need
around 1 spare day per week, or per fortnight, for approx 10 days (10 weeks) in
total, while I am teaching you.


Please do not be disappointed if I do not select you as I am only selecting a very small amount of people to become business partners.

After your first project you are free to continue working with me and I will continue to fund your deals if you cannot fund them yourself or if you can finance your own deals you can maximise your profit and do this on your own and not pay me a penny or I will continue working with you for a 25% share.

I recently interviewed Stuart Roffey on his experiences with the partnership programme so far. You can view the video here:


My new book, how to become a property millionaire

Can I ask you for some feedback on the proposed title of my book please.
Just finished the finishing touches on the first draft of my book, five weeks in Portugal and that was my goal while I was away. Back in UK later today!!

How To Become A Property Millionaire

The 6 Steps To Financial Freedom

By Glenn Armstrong
The Millionaire Maker

The UK’S Number 1 Property Investment Expert and Mentor

please email feedback to glenn@glennarmstrong.com

How to buy a house for £1.00

Pension Horners Croft

This deal is what I call a “pension option”. It is a deal that I don’t own, that someone else pays the mortgage down for me, and in the future I can complete and own out right.

The house is worth £125,000 and the Vendors had outstanding loans totaling £119,000. When they made contact with us, they were in the process of being repossessed, as they had £5,000 of arrears. Their monthly outgoings totaled £690 between the mortgage and their outstanding loans.

They had received one of my leaflets, and were replying to my offer:

“We Can Buy Your Property And Rent You Another One”

We negotiated a deal with them, which suited them perfectly. They moved out of their house, and into one of our properties.

They pay us rent of £735 per calendar month. We had to get prior agreement from the Council Housing Benefit office, prior to them moving into our property, to ensure that the council were happy to pay this rent.

We had to get approval as they still owned the property we were about to buy. However, the fact that they get no monthly rental profit, meant Housing Benefit were ok to pay the £735 a month rent for them.

We explained to Housing Benefit that if we did not rehouse them, they were facing repossession and then they would be chased by the building society for the shortfall, including the building societies substantial legal costs – resulting in a probable bankruptcy.

So they are now in a much better position. They live in a secure home with Housing Benefit paying the rent, rather than being in their old house, under threat of eviction.

The cost to refurbish the property was £2,385.99. The house needed tidying up, and has a rentable value of £750pcm as a single family let. With regard to their outstanding loans, we requested the vendor’s permission to speak to their building societies, and negotiated on their behalf.

A repayment plan was negotiated on their outstanding debt. Their repayment mortgage had 16 years left to run. The mortgage has a low interest rate, and in 16 years the loan will be fully paid off.

As a single let, the rentable value of the property is £750pcm. By utilizing the 2+2 rule, we can rent the property for £990pcm. This strategy involves letting to 2 tenants, (each over 35 years old,), in 2 self contained units. A single tenant in 1 unit would attract a LHA rent of £495, hence for 2 units our income would be £990.

So, having taken over the vendor’s mortgage, we now pay £690 per month and get £990pcm in as rent. In 16 years the property will belong to us, which is why I refer to this as a “pension option”. We exchanged contracts with a small amount of money, which was enough to pay some of the arrears off, and keep the mortgage company happy.

The completion price simply the outstanding loan on the mortgage and we can complete at anytime during the life of the mortgage, so it’s actually a delayed completion deal, but I call it a “pension option” because at the moment I have tenants paying the mortgage down on a property I don’t own.

When the mortgage nears its end, I will complete on the property and own it outright. It will have cost me very little, apart from the initial refurbishment cost, a bit of arrears and the legal fees.

The biggest risk in this deal, is the Sellers not keeping up the repayments on the two restrictions with Hilldesden, which total £4,500.00.

Both share the kitchen and each has access to 2 rooms.

The monthly payments include a £50 payment to pay of the arrears. Most people are unaware that the rate at which the arrears is paid off can be negotiated. This can be negotiated in court with the judge. The decision is at the judges discretion – but the building society must be paid back within the lifetime of the mortgage. In this case, the arrears amounted to roughly £6,000.

"No time? We find high yield properties for you no money left in.

We assist  investors who want to buy investment properties in Milton Keynes and then we manage them for you.

Currently I own 243 in MK and we manage 400 so I know the area really well.

I only buy properties needing lots of work for myself leaving many bargains behind.

Yields are excellent and cap appreciation is in the right direction.

We charge a agency fee for acting as buyers agent of £500 up front followed by £2500 on completion.

Properties can then be refinanced in 6 months.
When refinancing on a 75% ltv product 75% plus of the deposit can be recovered so the you can fund most of your next purchase.
If there is still a 85% ltv product as there is currently then 100% of the deposit can be taken back out and used to finance your next purchase.



If you would like to know how to achieve “your goals for sure” then email me at glenn@glennarmstrong.com and ask for my free report


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Quotes on curing procrastination

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret on getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting the first one”
Mark Twain

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task – William James
If and When were planted and Nothing grew – Proverb
Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin – Victor Kiam


If you would like to know how to achieve your goals for sure then email me at glenn@glennarmstrong.com and ask for my free report on



“The Tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach” Benjamin Mays

How to stop procrastination

Glenn Armstrong

In my quest to become a better teacher I am reading up on “procrastination”
What causes it and how to stop it. Afterall if you have something you have been putting off for weeks it eats into you. If you were offered “today” a million pound to complete that project would you have it done in a week, a day or an hour?

What is the project you have been putting off? How important is it to you that you complete it. What will it mean to you once completed?

email me with what it is and when you will complete it (deadline). You may be surprised by my reply, I believe I have found the missing link!!!

8 Motivational Quotes including one from Crocodile Dundee

There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them – Anon
What you would do willingly for ffee is the only thing you should ever do for money – Raymond Aaron
Action is the foundationkey to all success – Pablo Picasso
Goals are Dreams with deadlines –
The mind is like an elastic band; once stretched by a new idea, it never regains its original dimension –
and my favorite quote for today….Snowmen fall to earth , unassembled – Raymond Aaron
Bite off more than you can chew, then chew like crazy – Crocodile Dundee
Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far they can go – T.S. Eliot

Introduction to Property Investing

For a  free report  on how to start investing in property send and email to glenn@glennarmstrong.com with the words

“please help me start investing”
in the subject box.
If you have run out of money, are currently stuck or just want help increasing your portfolio then download my six free videos on the creative, “out of the box”, different ways that I make money with property.

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How to invest in property starting with no money

How to buy a house for a £

How to buy one house and get one free

How to protect yourself from interest rate rises

How to make £200k per year flipping property using none of your own money.

From the property investor who purchased 192 properties (worth over £30 million) in just 3.5 years starting with very little cash.


The best way to create a cash flow when starting with low amounts of cash!!


I recently spoke to a lady who isn’t that well known, about how she managed to create a 10k passive income from property that she doesn’t own starting with very little money. I liked her strategy s…o much that I invited her to come and share her secrets with my mentees at my closed off (mentees only) mastermind day.

Her results are PHENOMENAL! So much so, that I have now implemented her strategy along with my own and am very impressed with the results so far.

This strategy is perfect for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you have just started out in property or if you are a seasoned investor! Who wouldn’t want 10k per month passive income?

More information about her strategy is below


Rent2rent is the fastest way to making massive passive income in property. This strategy had enabled Taiwo and many of her students to increase their monthly cashflow from nothing to thousands of pounds. Taiwo reached the £10K a month passive income within 10 months.

What is Rent2Rent?

Rent2Rent means taking control of a property from a struggling landlord and transforming it into a corporate accommodation instead.

Taiwo invests less than £4,000 to take on the property i.e. rents and deposits and agency fees (if applicable).

She then lets out each room individually to Corporate Working Tenants. The difference between the rent that she charges each individual tenant minus the rent that Taiwo pays to the owner of the property IS GROSS PROFIT.

You are able to make a MINIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) of 100% per annum per property. In fact the PROFIT IS INFINITE PROFIT because, after letting all the rooms out to renters (in the first two weeks of taking the property over from the owner) you have MORE THAN ALL OF YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT MONEY BACK IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

For details of a recent free webinar where I interviewed Taiwo email glenn@glennarmstrong.com
See More

Free Webinar I have found out how to Buy 1 house and get one Free

Buy 1 House Get one free!!

Free webinar on this cash flow strategy

Where can this be done?
What area within your area works best?
How to finance the project.

How to get planning

you can register here http://bit.ly/HChk7w

I have recently purchased a property for 90k that has cost just over 20k to split into two. The first property has been valued at £125k leaving me a property that owes nothing.

If you purchased 12-15 properties in this way you could end up with-

12-15 properties that have zero debt (no mortgages)
cash flow of 10k per month
1.2-1.5m value portfolio
Splitting titles on a property and adding an extra 100k to the value 08/05/2012
Register for week 5 webinar here: http://bit.ly/HChk7w