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Why be mentored?

Basically because you don’t know what you don’t know!!!!!!!

So many normal people think they can do it themselves and think why do I need advice.

Most of the worlds most successful people fast track to where they want to go by getting a mentor because they understand that the time they save when learning from an expert far outweighs any cost.  Years of learning experience can be used from day one saving you a fortune.

Real, quality property mentors are few and far between it is fair to say!  Most serious property investors who have half an ounce of experience in property do not want to share their “tricks of the trade” or property investing secrets.  It is more likely that your recent property mentor, if you have had one, is someone who went on a seminar in 2006, did a few new build or old Northern terrace deals and maybe owns a few multi lets then went into becoming a mentor to give up full time work and fund property investments.  They may have a small amount of experience and some training in taking investors out on the road.

So what is a property Mentor

We all have a different image of a property mentor, but mine is simple. Someone who has been property investing that I admire and appreciate their experience.  Someone who I can learn from and ask opinions on my own investing – and get open honest answers.  I would want my mentor to have at least 5 years experience, so that they have felt turns in the market’s and someone who has done several different styles of investing – so they can offer comparables. Essentially they should be someone I can learn from and would save me or help me make far more than they cost me every month.

What should you look or in the perfect Mentor?

Well, if I was looking for a mentor I would want them to be easy to get on with, and for them to be able to answer any questions I ask directly and with experience behind it.  I would expect my mentor to be honest and open with their own investments and share personal experiences with me

Where did the name Mentor come from?

Mentor was the son of Alcumus in Greek mythology, in his old age, a friend of Odysseus.  When Odysseus left for the Trojan War he put Mentor in charge of his son, Telemachus, and of his palace.  When Athena visited Telemachus she used a disguise of Mentor to hide herself from the suitors of Telemachus’ mother Penelope.  When Odysseus, in the form of Mentor, returns to Ithaca, Athena takes the form of a swallow and the suitors’ arrows have no effect on him.  The first recorded modern usage of the term Mentor can be traced to a book called “Les Aventures de Telemaque”, by writer Francois Fenelon.  In the book the lead character Mentor.  This book was very popular during the 18c was published in 1699 and the modern use of the term can be traced to this publication.

This is the source of the modern use of the word mentor: a trusted friend, counsellor or teacher, usually a more experienced person.  Some professions have “mentoring programs” in which newcomers are paired with more experienced people in order to obtain good examples and advice as they advance, and schools sometimes have mentoring programs for new students or students who are having difficulties.

Today mentors provide their expertise to less experienced individuals in order to help them advance their careers, enhance their education, and build their networks.  Many of the world’s most successful people have benefited from having a mentor and is one of the reasons for their success.

I run several different mentoring services to suit all needs.

Half hour telephone session for £49.95 plus VAT where we can sort out any issues you may have with your current portfolio or in building your portfolio.  This service is used a lot for putting together business plans. Alternatively you can come into the office to do this and the price is £150 plus VAT.

A 3 hour session in our office which is £750.00 plus VAT where we set realistic and achievable financial freedom goals for you.  Normally the goals are set over a 2- 5 year time frame and broken down into achievable targets for each year.  We spend time looking at areas that will work for BMV and/or options for you so you are not wasting your time.

I recently spoke to someone who has been looking for a BMV deal for two years.  He had been applying all the right principles except for one.  The area he was looking in did not work for the BMV model and he said to me he wished he had invested in my mentoring two years earlier as he would be where he wants to be already.

A full day which is £1500 plus VAT where we do all of the above but I take you out and actually show you the types of properties to buy, selection of 3 bed 5 room multilets and how we set them up.

I take you out and show you 3 deals that we have made £400k profit from which will give you the visual connection that will enable you to recognise investment opportunities that you may have missed before.  Most of our clients are shocked when they see properties that they would never before have been able to visualise them split in two with a profit of between £80k and £100k.

The 3 hour and 1 day mentoring session also include one month of our monthly mentoring programme.

The monthly mentoring programme is £500 per month plus VAT.  This is where we spend two hours a week with you and our other mentees on a webinar discussing every ones week one by one.  We set you weekly objectives and tasks and you are accountable to them in this weekly group session.  Any issues you have are discussed maybe marketing related or deal structure related or mindset related.  My out of the box thinking helps my mentees do deals they never thought possible.  This service is a must have to anyone thinking of buying one or more investment  properties this year.

I will save you or make you 10’s of thousands of pounds more than if you try doing this on your own I will also save you so much time that you cannot afford not to use this service.

Do you think I may be able to save you time and money far in excess of my monthly £500 cost?

Remember I started with £120k and have a portfolio of almost 200 properties that took me 3.5 years to purchase.  I have purchased and manage over 100 investment properties for my clients, we are still buying 5-6 properties per month for our armchair clients.  I run a lot of property splitting projects and developing projects every year as well as buying and flipping several properties per month that do not stack for buy to let.  I own an estate agency and a property letting business as well as a property bridging company and a lease option trading company.  I am an expert at creative finance and I buy personally around two option deals a month all this has helped me become the leading property investment coach in the country.

You also get telephone access to me and my very experienced team 5 days a week.

For any further information or to book call Tim on 01908-423700 or email tim@glennarmstrong.com

Want to make 2010 your best year yet?

Go find a note pad and consider these questions…

Knowing what you want is the first step to getting it.  Knowing what’s holding you back is the second step to making sure you get to keep it.

Write down your answers so you can see your progress later.

1.    What do I want to achieve this year?  Write down as many goals as you want in any area of your life, health, wealth, relationships, etc.  If you are really stuck on even coming up with a goal, start by asking yourself if I could be, do or have anything in life, what would it be?  Then select one goal that’s central to your overall plan.  Determine the interim action steps it will take to get you there. (You can identify the last step and work back from there.)

2.     Ask yourself, is this something I have tried to achieve before and not been successful?  For instance, has it been a New Year resolution in the past?  Or on your To Do list for several years without completion or success?

3.    If yes, ask yourself, what has stopped me in the past?  This might include time, money, not having the right opportunities, lack of motivation, procrastination, lack of self belief, not knowing how to achieve it,  or maybe you don’t know what has stopped you.

4.    With regards to achieving your goals and following through on your plans, what patterns have you noticed occurring?  For example, do you often put lots of energy and enthusiasm in at the start, then within a couple of weeks find you’ve lost motivation?  Do you put off getting started for so long you just give up?  Do you start too many projects at once, and end up overwhelmed and under-motivated?  Identifying your unique patterns is key to changing them.

5.    What about limiting beliefs?  What you tell yourself can also stop you from achieving your most prized goals and visions.  For example, if you have decided that this is the year you find the right relationship, believing that you are not worthy of love will sabotage your plans.  If you told yourself that this year is the year you finally find the right job or start the business you’re passionate about, but you have an underlying belief that, “I’m not smart enough,” or “It’s impossible to find work in this market,” how motivated will you be?  How effective?  Listen to what you tell yourself about what you believe limits you.

6.    If there were 2 important changes that need to occur in order for you to be totally successful and reach your goals, what would they be?  i.e.) Have more confidence in yourself?  Be more creative? Break patterns of self-sabotage?  Get over fear of speaking in public? Write down anything and everything that comes to mind.  Most of them can be resolved

7.    What help, support or resources do you need?  This could be a mentor, additional skills, a ‘how to’ guide, a clear action plan, sounding board or someone to brainstorm with, etc.  Identify what research you can do on your own and the resources you can obtain in the form of books, CDs, personal development.  Take advantage of anything that teaches you the strategies and techniques that change limiting behaviours.  This will set you on a clear course for success.

8.    List 3 things you can do each day starting now to move forward with achieving your goals.  Enlist the help of a friend, partner or coach. To establish your own accountability, tell them what you intend to do.  This puts the power squarely in your hands to determine your results.

9.    Take action daily and review your goals weekly.  Many small steps towards your goal will move you towards the accomplishments you wish to attain.

10.     Keep the top 3 goals written on a 3 x 5 card in your desk drawer or in your wallet and look at them once a day.  Ask yourself, why do I want to achieve these goals?  What will that give me or do for me?  The “why” is your grander purpose and will motivate you to persist in taking action until it’s completed.

11.   When you achieve a goal, celebrate!  This is a great way to reward yourself for a job well done.  It will anchor that wonderful sense of achievement within your psychology and physiology.  This will only lead to building more and more success!