Tuesday 18th March 2014 Webinar Question of the week

This week’s webinar question came from one of my partnership programme students Phil Turtle.

Phil has found a flat which the local estate agents have valued at £150k; the flat is in need of a refurb which we have estimated to cost around £8k.

The flat has a short lease of 62 years left, we have found out that you have to own the property for two years before you can get the lease extended.

Phil’s question to me was:

How can we get around extending the lease without having to own the property for two years?

To listen to my answer listen to the video below:

On my partnership programme we cover a lot of deals like this that need creative thinking behind them, I am also looking at doing deals with development land that is for sale.

The flat Phil has found is a perfect property investment project that we can both work on.

My aim through running my Partnership Programme is to make as many of my students Property Millionaires. I’ve helped 58 of my students become property millionaires so far, I have trained over 100 students within my training business to help them expand their portfolio.

Can you become one of them?

Watch the video below to listen to my answer to Phil’s question:

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