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A Lot Can Happen In 7 Days!

With two new projects confirmed at last week’s Partnership Day, (March 7th), I am on track to reach my goal of achieving 6 – 8 deals per month.

My 2 hour webinar on Tuesday highlighted some interesting challenges being faced by a number of my Mentees and Partners. Watch out for the ‘Webinar Question of the Week’ which I will post, along with my answer, on Monday.

After the webinar, I met up with one of my Partners, Phil Turtle, to view two of his deals in Hastings.

Also this week, another Partner, Ashley Banfeld & I, received, and accepted an offer of £167,000 for a deal we bought for £125,000 on which we spent £13,000 refurbing.

A year ago I applied for Planning Permission to build in Croydon. At the time I was given an end value of £350,000. Now built, this property is about to go on to the market with an asking price of £450,000. £100,000 more than predicted!

We have just completed a Planning Application to build two new properties in the garden of a property recently purchased with Ben Hartly. I’ll keep you updated with the progress

Finally, I’m looking forward to finding out what todays Partnership Day will bring…… Of course I’’ll update you all next week!

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