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If you want to be in the same position as Nikki, Ian,
Alex & Rick above and many others within a short period of time then you need to:

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Your journey to financial freedom starts here where you can sample the quality and depth of our training on our
two day Level 1 course.

We are so sure that we can take you to the position Nikki, Ian,
Alex & Rick and many others, we are offering you the first of our trainings for an amazing price of only £295

The course is on the 28/29th April in Milton Keynes at the
Jury's Hotel

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Change your life forever

Take action and book now!

On day 1, we will be covering the following:

We will be looking at the 6 strategies of making money from property. You will be able to decide which of the strategies suits you best in your current situation

We will show you on the day how to set your goals and create an achievable business plan based upon your current position on how best to achieve this in a short a time as possible

You will need to bring your laptop on the day as we will be working out (using our special formulas) what will be the best areas nearest to where you live for your chosen strategies

We will cover the cost of buying and selling as well as deciding on a buying criteria and how to do due diligence to ensure that you do not make any costly errors [we will give you our formulas for this]

On day 2, we will be covering the following:
Level 1 negotiation - 3 of the skills most current in successful investors are: people skills, sales skills and negotiation skills which we can teach you.

We will cover in depth how to marketfor deals and we will supply you with the marketing materials you will require for your chosen strategy relevant to your area

We will then teach you how to negotiate with vendors using my step by step process that I have used to buy over 400 deals at 70% of market price (or less). Important: You can't just go and offer 70k for 100k property and expect them to say yes!

If you are starting out, this is absolutely the best
training system out there!

You cannot afford to miss out on this event!

No matter how experienced an investor you are, there will be
new tricks and nuggets that will make the weekend incredibly valuable and shortcut your time to financial freedom.

Take action and book now!!

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