Option D I run a seminar where I can teach you in detail how you can become your local top dog investor in your area. The seminar will need to be two days because of the amount of detailed information and role play to practice each of the methods I practice and teach.

The next seminar is Level 1, scheduled for : 28th April and costs £295.00 + vat

During this weekend, I will teach you how you can become the local top dog investor in your area. As well as that, I will cover:
  • * Goal setting for your success
  • * Building a practical record map
  • * Successfully stop repossessions which will enable you to purchase them
  • * How to profit up to 500% more per month from a property [H.M.O]
  • * How to finance NMD [no money down] in the current climate
  • * Buy property for £1
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