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I hope that you enjoyed the tips and that they will enable
you to get your local estate agent eating out of the
palm of your hand.

On the 25th/26th of August, I will be running an intensive
2 day course going through dealing with estate agents
in A LOT MORE DETAIL. As well as that, I will be
covering the following:

Day 1
  • Goal setting for your success
  • How to become the Estate Agent's best friend and first person they call when they get a great deal in
  • How to deal with estate agents [live roleplay]
  • Negotiation level 2
  • Building a practical record map
Day 2
  • Successfully stop repossessions which will enable you to purchase them
  • How to profit up to 500% more per month from a property [H.M.O]
  • How to finance NMD [no money down] in the current climate
  • Buy property for £1

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