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Alex & Rick above and many others within a short period of time then you need to:

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If you want to reach the next level of property investment and receive in-depth training, you need to be on our
two day Level 3 course.

We are so sure that we can take you to the position Nikki, Ian,
Alex & Rick and many others, we are offering you the first of our trainings for an amazing price of only £495

The course is on the 23/24th June @ Jury's Inn
Central Milton Keynes

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Take action and book now!

On day 1, we will be covering the following:

Setting an achievable business plan - We will show you on the day how to set your goals and create an achievable business plan based upon your current position on how best to achieve this in a short a time as possible

Finding JV partners - You no longer have to worry about having money to finance property deals as there are other ways of doing so. Such as using JV partners. Using funds from a JV partner is a win/win situation for everyone. We will show you how to find JV partners for your projects.

Advanced Negotiations skills - A good negotiator can always bag the best deals, so you need to know how to negotiate with your vendors. We will be looking at the advanced negotiation skills that you will need in order to succeed.

Make over 100k per deal - I have recently started a new project. I want to build a12 property portfolio, with no mortgages generating 10k per month cash-flow. This is by far my favourite strategy and on day 1, I will be going into in depth detail about this.

No other property mentor teaches about this!

On day 2, we will be covering the following:

Long stop completions - I no longer use option deals as I have found that long stop completions are safer and more profitable. I spent vast amounts of my time and money to draw up a contract with one of the best law chambers in the land. I will go into more detail about long stop completions on the day.

Lease options vs delayed completions

Buying & selling deals roleplay - I find that doing roleplays of certain scenarios can really help you "get" the strategy. It always makes people a lot more confident to practise the strategy on others.

Dealing in London - It may be quite difficult to purchase properties in London, however, we have a specialist who has experience with sourcing and purchasing Long Stop completions. He has also managed to go into a partnership with a national estate agency.

If you want to reach the next level, this is absolutely the best
training system out there!

You cannot afford to miss out on this event!

No matter how experienced an investor you are, there will be
new tricks and nuggets that will make the weekend incredibly valuable and shortcut your time to financial freedom.

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