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How to tell a deal from a dud!! Free webinar

Someone brought a deal to me the other day, and they thought it had the potential to be a great flip. Unfortunately, because she did not do her due diligence, it was a flop. Because she didn’t know this, it could have turned into a real time and money waster!

This got me thinking..

Do you do your homework? Can you tell a deal from a dud? Do you know how to get the numbers to stack to make it totally viable for you?

I would hate that something as getting your due diligence right could affect your deals, so on the 9th July, I will be holding an hour webinar to guide you through the correct ways of doing your due diligence and how to avoid those costly errors!

Do you want to make sure your deals stack and don’t flop? Has this happened to you and you don’t want it to happen again?

Do you know how to do effective and inexpensive due diligence?

Join me at 7pm, you can register here:

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