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Lease Options

Lease Options and dealing with Estate Agents

Lately, (especially over the past few week) I've received hundreds of e-mails regarding lease options, especially how to source options from Estate Agents.

Now I know that this seems like a mean feat but it can definitely be done time and time over again. Click on the link to the right if you didn't catch my email early this month and I can give you some top tips on how to get Option deals out of Estate Agents.

How to Buy Properties in Negative Equity - Lease Options in practice

Sourcing lease options from estate agents or rental agents can be a testing thing to do, but I find that once you have built up that all important rapport, you are flying. In the roleplay that I filmed with one of my very own estate agents, you will be able to see exactly the right things that you should be saying to secure those deals. Click onto the link on the right hand side to view this short video clip.

Buying Below Market Value

BMV - Refresh your knowledge

Most people know that I started off my property portfolio doing BMV deals after I ran out of money.

Most people who are new to property investment will really benefit from using my BMV technique to create their path to financial freedom.

I have compiled a small f.r.e.e report on my tops tips for buying below market value and by clicking on the link to the right you can view some of my top tips in terms of buying below market value in today's challenging marketplace.

My Webinar on Valuing property with Hometrack

On the 19th November I held a fabulous webinar called "Crucial information on valuing a property accurately" and hundreds of you attended...

In this webinar my special guest Ben Squires talked about hometrack

If you missed this webinar you can listen to a recording by clicking on the link to the right

Dealing with estate agents

Estate Agents - The number one mistake most people make...

One of the unique services that we offer here at G&A; properties is an Estate Agents day where one of our highly experienced estate agents will visit an area of your choice and help you to build up that all important rapport making you the estate agents' number one caller on their list...

If you click on the link to the right Mark Penn (who has 12 years experience in the business with 2 years as an area manager) explains the number one mistake most people tend to make when dealing with estate agents:

My blog...

I recently re-organised my blog site and it holds any relevant information that gets sent out during the month. It is the beginning of an archive of useful information for anyone serious in property investment.

Think yourself Rich

Making your mind work for you

Every month I run an incredible event called Think Yourself Rich and we limit attendance to 50 property investors.

We will discuss as a group the business plan you need to succeed, we talk about real deals and how to get them done and of course topical issues as and when they come up.

For just £69.00 plus vat this is an excellent day for anyone who wants to be kept on the cutting edge or to be kept motivated. We offer breakfast and a 3 course lunch.

The next event is on Saturday 16th January 2010 and is held at the Hilton Hotel in Milton Keynes. Just click on the link to the right to find out more...

Thoughts from Belize

When I was away in Belize in Christopher Howard's Billionaire adventure club, I met many fascinating people who like you or I dreamed of earning enough money to become financially free... only they went one step further and are now some of the top earners in the world. It just goes to show that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

While I was there, I met Gary Setterfield, a brilliant person and an amazing mindset coach. He has been speaking at a few of our Think Yourself Rich events and has been a tremendous success.

Read Gary's fascinating article below.

Property Really is a Mind Game
By Gary Setterfield

"We all know to make it successfully in property at whatever level you wish, not only is it about the numbers but equally important it's the mindset you have. There are the visits to the Agents to build those all important relationships. There are the numerous viewings, which have followed the hours of trawling various mediums to find those specific properties, which will provide you with the returns and or the cash flow you require.

Now before that process can start you need to have taken that first elusive step of making a decision to start. That's where it really begins, making the decision then taking the action. It doesn't matter how many properties you want in your portfolio everyone starts the same way with the process to buy the first one.

So what does it mean to have the right mindset? Firstly the majority of us never get it right from the start. Most of those who are successful in property and the same applies to life generally, have made mistakes on their journey to the top. In fact it's these mistakes which define the successes, providing we choose to learn from them and understand what the learning points might be in each situation. So with this in mind, once you have decided to make a start, remember it does not have to be perfect to get going. Taking the necessary first steps and actions, then refining the processes as you go forward, will eventually pay off.

Having taken those first steps in order to keep the momentum going you must keep focused. Know what you want to achieve, when you go into those negotiations with the agents or directly with the vendors. To make those meetings go smoothly try visualising in your mind how you would like the meeting to go. Run through what you are going to say and the responses you want to get back. Top athletes and sports competitors do this all the time before big races or events. They play out in their mind how they want the race or event to go. The mind cannot differentiate between fact and fiction. So programme it with the result you want to achieve.

The same goes for all those goals and dreams of success you have. Visualise exactly what you want in full sensory detail. See it in colour, what do you hear? How will it feel? What exactly is it you want? If you can visualise in detail, feel it, see it and the sounds that you associate with it, your subconscious mind will help you achieve it, because as far as it is concerned what you have visualised is real. Providing you are then taking the actions to move you towards that vision, then you will get there much quicker than just hoping, it might happen. Until next time, never under estimate the power you possess, to make what you want to happen, happen."

If you would like details of coaching available to help your own mindset
Email me at:- [email protected]

Events and publications

Your Property Network Magazine

We all know YPN magazine and it really is a great source of information and news so for December I am helping them promote the magazine by offering through the newsletter a free copy of Decembers issue of your Property Network.

Simply click on the link to the right and sign up for a free copy of Decembers bumper issue where you can read about YPN's exclusive interview with Secret millionaire Kevin Green (300+ BTL properties).

How Kevin has overcome the credit crunch by setting himself up as a bank and borrowing money direct from the money markets.

YPN will also be covering Where to buy: North VS South where to buy for cash flow and capital growth. An Insider's guide to planning applications and how to gain planning permission for profit How to maximise your profit by creating separate rental units in your freehold property.

And 2009 a property review: What's happened and how have YPN readers continued to profit.

Berkshire Property Meet

I was at the Berkshire Property Meet this month and I must say that it was absolutely fantastic, with new fresh faces to the world of property investment. The first night was a smash hit, with all the places selling out within hours of being announced and the second shortly following. They even had to add a third date to the event which was incredibly unheard of.

Alternative Income Streams

I think that is always handy to dabble in some alternative income streams where you will earn extra cash. That's not a bad idea really is it? Successful entrepreneurs have shares in thousands of businesses which they call Alternative Income Streams. I've compiled a list of articles that you may find interesting.

Where to start on your
Alternative Income Stream

by Janie Acutt

My name is Janie Acutt and I have known Glenn Armstrong for some years having attended his property courses. He guided me through buying the buying process, which increased my portfolio to 20 properties. Glenn is an extremely focused and successful businessman who would not put his name to anything less than the best. Hundreds of business opportunities have been presented to Glenn over the years but he never found them to be the quality he expects in a business. A network marketing company launched in the UK in June 2009 and although unheard of by most people it is one of the top 20 network marketing companies in the world. I knew the quality would meet Glenn's expectations so I arranged to meet with him at his office earlier this month and began to present a 30 minute business plan. He cut it short at 12 minutes in and said, "Great, I love it!" So I am pleased to say that Glenn has joined and we look forward to sharing the opportunity with you at a webinar in a few weeks.

There is uncertainty as to how long the down economy will last and more than ever before people are searching for alternative income streams to alleviate the financial strain to their pockets.

When we think of alternative income streams there are several options that come to mind: Property rental, dividends from shares, small businesses, royalties from books, franchising and network marketing.

What I want to focus attention on in this article is network marketing, often referred to as word of mouth marketing or also known as a home-based business model. There is often a lot of stigma around network marketing and people's perceptions might be for instance:-

1. They have been unsuccessful in business, so put their failure down to the fault o the industry or the company they joined while failing to take owner ship for quitting themselves or not being teachable; or lack of drive or commitment to develop the passive income.

2. They heard that Uncle Fred had a friend who had a grandmother who tried one of those things in 1964 and failed.

3. They heard through someone who heard through someone that it was one the same as one of those pyramid things.

Network marketing, a $100 billion industry worldwide, has often been dismissed as a legitimate business model by the public even though it has been around for over 50 years.

I hope to open your mind to the fact that network marketing has now come of age.

It is not just becoming main-stream, it is becoming a dominant market trend and one that is gathering momentum.

Network marketing is taught as a legitimate business programme in many business schools and universities around the world. Dr Charles King who holds a PHD from Harvard and is a professor of marketing at the University of Illinois in Chicago talks about it in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7ieKX0LEtQ&feature;=player_embedded

Network marketing is a rising star in business today and many of the world's leading business men are jumping on board. Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Donald Trump all own network marketing companies. The industry is counter cyclical. What does that mean? It means that in times of recession when everything is going down in conventional business, everything is booming in the network marketing business. There has never been a better time to consider finding a couple of hours a week to work on your network marketing business as an alternative form of income stream.

Right now is the perfect storm of opportunity and Glenn has attached himself to the most explosive business model (network marketing) in the largest and most exciting industry in the world. Glenn understands that he doesn't even need a piece of the pie to create incredible wealth with this particular network marketing business, all he needs is the goo that sticks to the knife that cuts the pie!


The plane is on the run-way and approaching for takeoff, heading toward the height of its ascent. The question is, do you want to remain on the tarmac or do you want to be on the plane?

See you at the webinar.
Janie Acutt.

ILearning Global
by William Debauchez

Hello, William here!

Are you looking forward to Christmas?
How's your network marketing business doing?

The program I'm working on now is fantastic. Launched in March, it's backed by some very famous names and believe me the product is so easy to market it's unbelievable. There's no stock to hold, no paper application form. It's all online, and very straightforward. The people behind this are so famous it's a real breeze to present it, so I think you'll really enjoy the experience. And it pays well. It's got a fast start structure so that you get into green numbers quickly. I broke even on mine in less than 6 weeks and the first 2 weeks, I actually did not work that hard at it.

I don't promise you'll get the exact same results, but if you're in a program that pays too slow and is hard work, you should definitely consider a program with a promising future, where you can build a large down line and get into green numbers quickly.

The program is called iLearning Global, created by world famous motivational speaker Brian Tracy, and property Billionnaire Dolf DeRoos.

Working with me, you'll get access to squeeze pages I've predesigned and an autoresponder I'll be able to pass on so you can hit the ground running with your business. I'm also in the UK leadership team and can organize 3 way calls for you and your down line very easily and help further accelerate your business.

If you want to know more, just enter your details on www.ilgsystem.net

If you're interested in knowing more before everyone else, just me an email.
Warmest Regards.
William Debauchez
[email protected]
+44 208 123 5447

An alternative 'armchair' investment
in UK property (from just £1000)...

Heritage Capital agree a deal with Glenn Armstrong
to source discounted properties for fund.

For those of you looking to profit from the UK Residential property without the need for large deposits, the hassle of sourcing discounted property or even taking out a mortgage, then you might find the answer in a Property Fund. With potential returns of over 50%, a fixed term (3-5 years) and low entry from just £1000, they can be a fantastic way to invest and reap the benefits of the property market with none of the hassle...

Heritage Capital recently approached Glenn with a view to sourcing discounted property for their UK Residential Property Funds - the first of their kind to be offered to retail investors. Property Funds have been around for a number of years, but are usually restricted to investors with £25,000 plus to invest, or have focus on commercial property. The Heritage Capital model is of particular interest as the property market doesn't even need to rise during the term for a healthy profit to be made, so the risk to your capital is low.

Alison Guyton of Heritage Capital says "The key to delivering these returns is the ability to source good discounted property that can achieve a high yield, so it made sense to approach Glenn to source for one of our funds as he is achieving this week in week out for his current investors with some of the best yields in the country"

The model is based upon the fund buying at discount, then renting and managing the properties for a fixed term, before selling the portfolio and returning profits to investors (shareholders) within a fixed term of 3 to 5 years. The better the discount and yields, the higher the return to the investors - and of course any capital growth across the 3-5 years offers even more profit.

Glenn says "I really like Heritage Capitals model, and the fact that it is an FSA compliant fund. The returns to investors are better, even with no growth in the property market, than other investments from just £1,000. To combine our buying power, local market knowledge and lettings management with the Heritage Capital Fund expertise seems like a perfect fit"

For more information visit www.heritagecapitalinvest.co.uk

Dealing with Estate Agents
and Options

Building the rapport with an Estate Agent may seem like a pointless and tedious task but the rewards that you will reap from doing so will be great and incredibly beneficial to you. Click on the link below and I will help you to negotiate option deals from estate agents.

Click Here

Sourcing deals from Rental Agents

It is very easy to build up a rapport with an estate agent or rental agent as long as you know how and are persistent. To find out how I manage this time and time again, click onto the link:

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Buying Below Market Value- A refresher

It is certainly still possible to buy BMV - click on the link and I will give you some valuable advice

Click Here

My recent webinar on how to value property accurately

Click on the link to hear a recording of my recently well attended webinar dealing with the accurate valuation of property

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Getting the best from Estate Agents - Avoid the biggest mistake

Do not make the same mistake that every other "investor" makes when visiting an estate agent. Click on the link and let me tell you how to avoid it

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My Blog

To view my blog, click on the link and any information that you have missed throughout the week will be available to you.

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Think Yourself Rich Mindset & Motivation day

Join me every month and learn from your peer group in terms of how to do deals and achieve financial freedom. Click on the link to find out more

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Property Really is a Mind Game

If you would like details of coaching available to help your own mindset
Email Gary at:- [email protected]
And visit

YPN Magazine - free issue for December

Click on the link and receive your free copy of December's issue.

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The Berkshire Property Meet

For more information please contact:
Juswant & Sylvia Rai
[email protected]
07748 100018
website www.berkshirepropertymeet.com

Products & Services that we offer:

We offer a various amount of services and products here at G&A; Properties which are designed to help you build your property portfolio.

Options day

This is a full-length day dedicated entirely to options, how to market for them and the ins and outs of how to source for options and what they are. This day is run by myself and Sarah Barratt who to this day has done 19 million pounds worth of options deals.

Click Here for information on our OUTSTANDING options day

BMV Training Day

After running out of money when I bought my first 6 houses, I had to think of a way in which I could purchase a property but doing so profitably. Since then, I have purchased 193 properties through doing BMV deals. I now run a day on how to market for and source BMV deals which is an invaluable tool in anyone's toolbox. Click this link to see more information on the BMV course

Click Here to see more information on the BMV course

Monthly Millionaire Mentoring

I have all confidence in myself that I am able to transform you into an equity millionaire in 3-5 years. This will require a lot of hard work and dedication but I will be there to "hold your hand" throughout the process and you will have access to myself and my team at any point throughout the duration of the mentorship.

Estate Agents Day

With over 26 years of experience being estate agents, you will get the very best service possible when it comes to booking the Estate Agent day through us. Either Mark Penn (ex area manager for a big corporate agency) or Mike Holt (who was the top estate agent in his agency for 18months running) will be able to come to your area of choice and help you to build up that all important rapport with your local agents.

Glenn's Mentorship

I can teach you all that I know and get you on the track to being financially free. Just by booking a whole day with me (from 11am-7pm), I will walk you through any problems that you might be facing and take you on a tour on some of my high cash flow properties. Several people that I have previously mentored have become equity millionaires in their own rights.

Range of DVD's and a BMV transcript

- Dealing with Estate Agents
- How to set up a leafleting company
- How to stop repossession
- How to make 400k from 3 deals