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Rent to Rent or Let to Let as some may call it is a strategy that has been around for many years but has grown more popular following the recent recession and downturn in the economy. Even now as the economy recovers there is still a high demand for this strategy due to the massive passive income it can produce.

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It is also relatively quick to learn and a fast track way to property residual income – the traditional strategies of cash flow from Buy to Lets and HMO’s requires a lot of upfront cash from you, the bank or a JV.

Rent to Rent does not require such high capital to get started, in fact the average upfront costs for a property is around £3,000 - £4,000 which includes the deposit, furniture and any small refurbishment needed.

As with any strategy in property you will need to know how to get started, setup the right systems to use for sourcing the properties and filling them with tenants.

Tunring a single let BTL into a multi-let cash machine is simple once you know how. I have several Rent to Rent properties that were in the first instance a chore to handle until I learnt the right system for the right tenants and the right property. Once I got the right systems in place my Rent to Rent portfolio went into megadrive with 3 new properties signed up in a month with a monthly profit of over £3,000.

I have been investing in property since 2006 and have various types of rentals that I own but this is by far the quickest way to a residual income with the least amount of up front capital needed.

Buying a fully operational HMO today is much harder than it used to be with most now being valued at the commercial value which is based on annual rent and a simple calculation resulting in an uplift of over £100,000 in many cases. You will also need a hefty deposit and then you need the bank to approve you which means you will need to illustrate your experience and a portfolio to match which most new investors do not have.

What if you could get into these big HMO’s and enjoy the high cash flow? What if you didn’t need the vast amounts of money? What if you didn’t need the risk of property markets going up or down?

We are now teaching new and experienced investors how to get started in Rent to Rent with a full one day course which is content rich focusing on the following;

  • Choosing the right area for the highest profits – down to the best streets
  • Finding the Landlords and how to approach them
  • Using agents to help you find multiple properties quickly
  • Licensing criteria for HMO’s
  • Fire Safety regulations for all types of properties
  • Finding long term tenants
  • Managing the property yourself or having an agent do this for you
  • Contracts for the landlord, agents and tenants all included.
  • Tried and tested interview techniques for agents and landlords
  • The Rent to Rent calculator and ROI checker
  • Raise finance for the set up costs
  • Systems we use and will teach you
  • Experienced guest speakers on the day sharing their own success
  • Lease Options covered for an additional revenue stream

Many landlords we come across are what we call ‘accidental landlords which means many have inherited the property but have little knowledge or experience on how to manage them. Some call these landlords ‘distressed landlords’ which simply means they are fed up with tenants and would open their arms to you offering to pay their rent for the next 5 years every month on time.

If you are looking to replace your current income with a passive income from property then you must attend this day, you may simple need to raise funds for your own property portfolio, either way this is a fast track way to building your monthly income up FAST.

If you too, would like to make a MINIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) of 100% per annum per property, you can’t afford to miss this event – register your interest now using the boxes on the right

“This is an actioned packed day, with all the essential information to hit the ground running. An excellent presenter.”

Mel Campbell

“Very informative, very clear and consise. Filled the fuzzy gaps in my head. Launched me to the next level. Monday here I come!”

Samantha Hibbert

“Always something new everytime. Priceless. Worth every penny. Thank you very, very, very much.”


“Great day, very useful learned lots. Looking forward to getting started on my viewing tomorrow and more very soon.”

Antony Collier

“This was a really good and informative workshop. It was motivational and has given me the confidence to pursue going for Rent to Rent. Speed was good and explanations were easy to follow.”

Tom Purba

“I learnt so much more second time around. I felt like I’ve understood more detail about each step. I now have the right stepping stone to start my Rent to Rent business.”


“Flow chart to show all the steps required to find and rent the property.”

Immanuel Ezekiel

“Great, lots of useful info.”

Tarlochan Thanjal

“Very informative.
Still would have been useful to have a printed manual during the day to write notes alongside.”

Tejpal Thanjal

“Excellent Day.
Very knowledgeable and very helpful.
Huge potential.”

S. Khan

“Ash was fantastic and he is a very helpful and compassionate teacher. 90% of my confidence has come from this experience.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about rent to rent.”

Don Ndiweni

“Great course.
Really enjoyed it.”

Jeet Singh

“Very good.
As I’m a beginner, I’m nervous. I will improve through practise.
I won’t rest until I got it.
I may need another attendance please.”

Mohammed Rahman

“Very informative.
Covered a lot of details and the pace was perfect. Thing of most value is the useful USB stick and ongoing support & advice. Shall be hopefully utilizing that a lot as I shall be implementing my 6 month goal immediately.”

Samantha May

“Content was excellent.
Call the agent with 2 people in the group was very interesting as the same person answered the but had a different reply/questions.
Back up powerpoint would have been excellent.”

Zahid Majid

“Practical and good support supplied. Looking forward to getting going with R2R.
I always thought this was the ‘cheap’ way of doing things. Wrong, most effective!”


“Yet again very informative. The day was practical and supportive of each person on the course. This has given me the knowledge and confidence to apply what I have learned to real world situations.”

Joa Bartlett

“I have received all the information I expected plus more. I feel able to go out and start this business.
The information received on the USB is invaluable.”

Patricia Minnell

“A lot of information to process- content excellent and well delivered.
Extremely useful having the manual and documents as a point of reference and a step by step guide.”

Liz Salmon

“Good energy, good tips and guidance around how to implement the rent to rent strategy.
The rent to rent calculator and scripts look like they’ll be very useful, so does the book.”


“Very Good content and information.
Delivered well and experienced clearly.
A lot of good information to take home and good resources to use e.g. rent to rent calculator. Enjoyable day and look forward to future success!”

Eddy Nisevic

“A good insight given.
Good to have things placed in prospective.
An opportunity to network with people and make new contacts.
Whilst not enough research can be made, good to meet people who have trod the boards.
Should save me many mistakes and growing pains for me.
A productive day!”

David Stevenson

“Very motivating, just want to get started!
Shame I’m still working full time!
May I recommend that we are asked to a little homework before we arrive? i.e. finding our ‘Core Area’ and check status in that area (Article 4) and look on Rightmove and bring list with us………. this would save time and so we can stay focused.
A good relaxed style and related well to everyone, even though we were all at different stages.
Would like to take away a ‘To-Do’list if possible. Did this after I wrote this!”

Sally Hallum

“Good day lots of information really helpful that Ash has given us an after support email.
Would of been good/better if we had the work book printed so we could follow the shoes.
Lots of opportunities to ask questions.”

Mark Clomminl

“Great course-with good interaction with the group. Well presented clean and concise. Good knowledge base.
Only downside that it would be great to have a booklet containing the slides.”

Ben Christopher

“Packed full of very useful information. Having the manuals and contracts on a USB key is a value added bonus. Providing post course support adds even more value on a very practical level.
My one personal comment on how this course could be improved would be for us to had spent more hands on time nailing our gold mine areas contracts and agents.”

Tony Ogundeyi

“Not bad the chap!
Need to be a bit more strict on after lunch/doing stuff on computer and when answering questions that people need to keep quiet and listen.
Would be good if 15/20mins for everyone to research 3 properties ready to phone agents and write them down ready.”

Arthur Dent

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