You Too Can Become A Property Millionaire

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“You Too Can Become A Property Millionaire”

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This book will share with you what strategies YOU can use to accelerate your success wherever you are on your property journey.
It does not matter if you are just thinking of investing in property or if you are an experienced investor or developer there will be strategies in here that when used will dramatically improve your profitability and accelerate your portfolios growth.


For example Lynn, one of my students has 1 new build project of 1 detached house and another new build project of 2 semi detached houses that will make her £420,000 profit for an outlay of under £10,000.

76 of my clients are now millionaires and 1000’s more have been able to give up their day job within 6-12 months of joining my programme.

You can read some of their stories and how they achieved their success in my book.

I do not believe in traditional investing, I believe in using sophisticated strategies which enable you to recycle most or all your cash out of every transaction.

I have 24 strategies you can use to do this, some of them are explained in my book. In the book I explain strategies you can use that will enable you to go from 0 to 100k within 12 to 18 months and how you can go from 100k to £1,000,000 in 3-5 years

To get your free copy of my book

“You Too Can Become A Property Millionaire”

On a downloadable pdf click below

Jason a “Brikkie” from Yarmouth started with 80k and will turn that into 1.1 m in under 3 years. You can read his story in the book.

Mark is using 1 strategy of the 24 strategies I teach . This enabled him even though he was starting with only 25k to make 100k after tax in his first 12 months and 125k after tax in his second 12 months. The remarkable thing is that he only works an average of 2 days per week. His story will be available soon as I am interviewing him on a webinar.

The best way of introducing you to 2 of the strategies is for you to read how.

Steve’s life has changed or should I say Steve and his family’s lives have changed by using some of the strategies I teach.

This is what he said:-

My testimonial for Glenn by Steve Pyefinch;

During my mentorship I have completed the following deals;

Deal 1.
A 5 bed HMO that required a 25% deposit. Glenn said i’m trading cash for cash flow. So he suggested buying with a JV Partner, which I did. This property produces a nett cash flow of £1000 per month.

Deal 2.
A refurb. Glenn said I should only buy if there is 20k profit in the deal, I made 19k. Not bad.

PP 145k, Refurb costs 20k, EA fees 3k. Sale price 187k. No stamp duty or finance cost as I never owned this property, it was bought on an assignable contract. My solicitor had no idea what an assignable contract was (neither did I), but Glenn kindly spoke to them on my behalf an explained.

Deal 3.
Original agreed sale price 120k but the lender declined as the property was un-mortgagable. Glenn advised I offer 50% of value. We agreed on a sale price of 95k on a delayed completion. Cost of works carried out 45k. Post works value 200k. This is a 5 bed HMO that produces £1000 nett cash flow per month.

I never knew what JV’s, assignable contracts or delayed completions were prior to the mentorship.
These deals have allowed my wife to quit her stressful teaching job and look after our 3 children.

But I must stress it was not the deals that I bought but more importantly it was the deals that I didn’t buy due to
Glenn’s expertise. Priceless!


Steve Pyefinch, Nottingham

You can receive priceless free information about how these type of creative strategies Steve has just mentioned can help you become very wealthy In a short period of time..

To get your free copy of my book

“You Too Can Become A Property Millionaire”

On a downloadable pdf click below