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Post on: 25 Jul, 2013

Big things happen when we work together! Really big things happen when we work together. Take for example; one of my most successful students joined me in partnership and currently has 8 deals going through – which average 20k per deal, if not more! This is what happens when you have a successful partnership of […]

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Financial Freedom, Here We come – Stuart Roffey

Post on: 19 Jul, 2013

When Glenn invited me to join the partnership programme, I had to give it some serious thought… two seconds later I had reached a decision! This is an opportunity second to none. There are a lot of so called “gurus” out there offering all kinds of strategies, the latest thing and so on. Nobody is […]

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How to tell a deal from a dud!! Free webinar

Post on: 05 Jul, 2013

Someone brought a deal to me the other day, and they thought it had the potential to be a great flip. Unfortunately, because she did not do her due diligence, it was a flop. Because she didn’t know this, it could have turned into a real time and money waster! This got me thinking.. Do […]

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Brainstorm your portfolio | Sold Out

Post on: 28 Jun, 2013

  Are you currently thinking about investing in property? Not sure where to start? Or how to start? Are you aware of the different strategies currently out there to help you invest in property effectively? Did you know there are so many ways of investing in property? Conventional HMO’s Lease Options/Delayed Completions Title-Splitting Using other […]

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Our special Mastermind Day

Post on: 25 Jun, 2013

  This month’s mastermind day was absolutely fantastic. The reason behind this? We care about what we do, and what we do for you. During this mastermind session, not only did we get into the nitty gritty of deal structuring, but we also went into the psychology of getting what you want, when you want […]

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Minimise your risk and MAXIMISE your profits!

Post on: 18 Jun, 2013

FREE WEBINAR!! How many times have you structured a deal? 5? 10? 15 times? Have you made absolutely positively sure that you were not leaving any money over in the deal? Imagine that you leave 5k on the table every single time you do a deal. That would build up quite fast! Now, you may […]

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Find out how my students are doing deal after deal every single month

Post on: 14 Jun, 2013

When asked, most of my students would say that the number 1 reason (behind knowledge) why they are continuously doing deals is because of the support network that is provided. Property courses can be a great way of accelerating your success. However, in my experience, many people after attending and learning a new strategy go […]

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Are you ready to learn the importance of a well put together deal?

Post on: 12 Jun, 2013

I see it far too often. Someone leaving money on the table or not structuring a deal to its full potential. Imagine, if after every deal, you leave 5k on the table. How much money are you losing every single year because you don’t know how to structure a deal effectively and efficiently. The reason […]

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Want to know all the creative strategies that all investors should be using?

Post on: 06 Jun, 2013

Tim Earle was interviewed by Miss Motivator at the recent 4 Day Property Intensive Seminar.   This is what he said: If like Tim, you want to rapidly increase your knowledge and cash-flow, then the 4 Day Property Intensive Seminar is for you! During these 4 days, you will learn everything you need to enable […]

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Lee talks about his 'why'

Post on: 03 Jun, 2013

One of the most important things to know when you are investing in property is “your why”. Your why is your motivation. It’s the thing that propels you forward. Do you want to spend more time with your family? Go travelling? Have more you time? Establish what your why is, and you’re far more likely […]

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