Affiliate Sign Up

The concept of earning money even while you sleep is not new and the idea of referring business for a fee is one of the best ways to build success.

GA affiliates give you the opportunity to make potentially huge commissions just by referring Glenn Armstrong courses, mentoring and other products.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is anyone who has the ability to accept money online and the wherewithal to promote Glenn Armstrong courses, mentoring and other products.

Why become an affiliate?

To make money by recommending Glenn to people you believe will benefit from his advice, mentoring and courses. By spreading the word every referral that leads to a booking means £100's in your pocket.

How do I get paid?

Whenever anyone who has been referred by you, who is not currently on Glenn's database, books any of Glenn's products then you will receive 10% of anything that they spend - paid directly to you by Paypal.

When do I get paid?

Our system is totally transparent, you can see at any time who has responded to the links that you have sent out and of those individuals who are not currently on our own database. You can view who has ordered, when they booked and the balance in your account. We do not believe in holding on to your money and so settle all our affiliates accounts at the end of each month - regular as clockwork.

How to become an affiliate?

Feel free to contact Darren Lanaway
on 01908 423722 if you have any questions.