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Property Update Intensive

Posted on25. Feb, 2010 by admin.


I have a message for you about our “Property Update Intensive” seminar. This is a day that any serious property investor cannot afford to miss.
With the correct and proper training, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. It is when you go full steam ahead without any consultation from a professional that [...]

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Creating a great business plan

Posted on18. Feb, 2010 by admin.


Everything you need to enable you to create a realistic and achievable property investment plan for the next 12 months and more. Click below to see more

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First Name:

Last Name: [...]

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Think Yourself Rich

Posted on08. Feb, 2010 by admin.


Watch this Video were I have recorded a couple of great tips on sourcing below market value property deals to help you grow your portfolio. This is the type of information you will get when you come to our monthly THINK YOURSELF RICH event.
Whether you already have a portfolio and are a successful investor or [...]

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Profit From Property

Posted on04. Feb, 2010 by admin.


Would you like to profit from property and learn how I continually manage to purchase between 5-10 properties per month.
Well, here’s your chance…
We are delighted to invite you to our special webinar on how to profit from property that will be run on Wednesday 3rd March between 7-8pm.
This webinar is absolutely beneficial to successfully grow [...]

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Lease Options Webinar

Posted on26. Jan, 2010 by admin.


I recently held a FREE webinar where many people asked me their NUMBER 1 question they wanted to ask about lease options.
The webinar has now taken place and I recorded it
You can watch this, absolutely FREE all you need to do is fill in your details below and you will be taken [...]

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Christopher Howard always says “find the best and work with them”

Posted on20. Jan, 2010 by admin.


Have you ever considered investing in property as a way of achieving your financial freedom?
Would it interest you to learn that you can start investing in property even when you have very little cash available?
If you already have a property portfolio, how would you like the UK’s foremost property investment expert to discuss with you [...]

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Lease Options Deals for Sale

Posted on07. Jan, 2010 by admin.


We have some lease option deals available now and are getting new deals in daily.
If you are interested all you have to do is complete the form below
and when we get a lease option deal in the area
of your choice we will call you.

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