Glenn Armstrong is a 49 year-old property millionaire whose portfolio of 193 properties is worth over £30 million. Glenn has gone on to share his knowledge with would-be investors up and down the country in their dream to become truly financially free; 23 of his students are now equity millionaires.

Glenn is well-known for his enterprising spirit; his career history is diverse and reflects his successes. Before becoming a property millionaire Glenn qualified as a mechanical engineer and also ran a mobile video library, which he built into 15 shops, and later sold for £1.5million in 1989.

Another success story was the mail order computer game company which he set up and then turned into a wholesale venture; within three years this was worth over £12million. As a child of 10 he grew vegetables in his neighbour’s disused garden and went on to sell them to his friend’s mothers!

In June 2004 Glenn turned his attentions to property - his very first deal cemented his belief that there was serious money to be made if you knew what you were doing; he negotiated a deal on a property worth £60k, but managed to buy this for £30k and rent it back to the previous owner who is still renting the property off him now!

Some of Glenn’s success stories will be uncovered in his book entitled “52 properties in 52 weeks the UK way”; a true story about how he increased his portfolio by 52 properties in this time.

Glenn firmly believes that the property market changed in March and that the bottom of the market has now bottomed. Investors and first time buyers are returning to the market and that the really good deals are beginning to dry up. He has seen this in his own business with a slow down in bridging loans and the decrease in property deals from around 20 to 5 per month.