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Which types of properties are the BEST for flip projects?

WHERE should you be buying?



HOW do you minimise the risk of going over budget on your refurbishment?


WHO is going to buy your property? KNOW your market.


WHAT if you don’t have enough money to get into buy to sell deals (don’t panic if this is you, we’ll show you how it’s possible to SELL PROPERTIES YOU DON’T EVEN OWN!

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I have answered all these questions, and many more, in my video….



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Which type of properties are best for flips?

It is really important to understand the types of properties that make the most successful and profitable flips.

When you understanding this key fact you will be able to go straight to the gold (the correct types of properties) and save wasting hours and hours of your valuable time trying to find that elusive project. REMEMBER YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW!!!!


Potentially there is around £20,000 profit per deal if knowing what type of property you can make this profit from is VERY IMPORTANT.


Just 5 Projects a year will earn you over £100,000 and you will be able to find them When you understand what type of property to target!


I will reveal to you in a special video WHERE you should be looking for your property flip projects.

This information can help you make £1000’s of profit

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Where is it best to buy flips?

Imagine if you knew which town near to you would be easiest to find bargain properties to buy do up and sell. There is an equation that once understood will be invaluable to you for years to come and allow you to identify the town with the most potential. I will reveal the equation and how to apply it in a video.


You will be surprised to learn that when looking for an area to flip in we are looking for almost the exact reverse of what we look for when identifying areas to build a buy to let portfolio.


We also need to be looking for the right areas within your identified town.


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Hello and welcome,

My name is Ashley Banfield and I have been investing in the UK property market since 2006.

I have been involved in profiting from property with others people’s money all of this time and I am now ready to share and help new investors who need that handheld approach to do the same. It is something that has grown into a passion for me and I hope it will with you too, no matter what strategies you go on to choose.


Starting on the property investor road is going to be a lot easier if you have money.

It’s important not to be scared of Money as it is not just a “tool” for buying property. Many people I meet talk about issues with money and why they can’t afford certain things and why they must save for their retirement. Fact is it’s not the money that is the issue it’s pretty much always the person in question or their BELIEFS ABOUT MONEY.

I have always been very intrigued by people who make money from property. When I lived in Australia I attended a seminar about Property Investing and many of the strategies he used are still being used so once you have the right information you will have it as a tool to use for life.

There are always risks when buying any investment but if you do the right due diligence up front you should be able to mitigate as much risk as possible. With the 2007/2008 banking crisis/credit crunch greed had taken over and money was just too easy to come by and in my opinion a nightmare for newbie property investors – many got burned and lost money with some still paying it off. This was and is down to investing in the WRONG WAY.

As you may have heard of the statement ‘buy low and sell high’. Well it is a golden rule out there and it’s not to be ignored. We are now at the bottom of a new property boom and the time to start is NOW! 2014 is a key year for seasoned investors because they see this as the start and will offer you cash for good returns. The banks have not yet turned and still offer very low rates of return for your savings.

Property is a critical part of life by way of shelter and we all need it so property will never go away. In 2014 we are still way short of the amount of new houses we need in the UK so demand is high and supply is down. This means one thing – there is money to be made.

The media, and the world in general, is very aware that people are making money from property investments which means many more are aware of this and so it’s much easier to convince a possible investor of your proposal to hand over money.

What does this all mean to you just starting out?

When I started out I tried just about all there was that would make me a million over night and to my shock horror discovered that property is not a get quick investment. I started trying to talk with banks and mortgage advisors, then accountants and solicitors and of course friends and family. Nobody would even entertain my plan for overnight success because they said I have no money and only rich people buy investment properties.

As I had absolutely no experience whatsoever and yes, I failed to make a penny.

So at this point I searched and searched for a mentor to show me how. The first thing you come across is how many there are that promise the world for massive amounts of money in return, but I can tell you from experience that few deliver on their promises and even less bother to speak with you let alone email. It’s a real slap in the face since they are the ones preaching how easy it is to contact people and how amazing they are.

You, like me, probably don’t want to part with your hard earned cash to an overzealous public speaker who actually knows little about what you need and where lots of hype can cloud your judgment.


What I learnt has enabled me to make you a lot of money and if you truly want to make money in property investing you need to do the same. No matter what your strategy there is a formula for success. It’s so simple when you know how but make no mistakes, you will also have to work very hard and be prepared to make some sacrifices as I did through this time.

Be under no illusion – a good mentor is always going to cost you money. This part you cannot get for free. However, if you’re one of those who likes a good return on investment then with the right mentor you should get your money back within one or two good deals.

The reason I am telling you this is that I went around the houses looking for the right solution to my needs and went on many of the courses spending stupid amounts of money.

You see, as you will read I believe strongly in sharing knowledge and you will get tons of it right here in my blog.

There are so many so called experts that just do not give you enough information to make it. They just hand you little bits of info that you could destroy yourself with if you don’t use it right.


A lot of the people who have also invested in courses go on to do……..


Please do not let YOU be one of these people. It would be a terrible waste of your time and investment. Action is key and the fact that you have taken the time to read this blog means you are already taking action.

This will take commitment. You will need to spend at least 10-15 hours per week on creating, maintaining and growing your business, and keep on going until you have it perfected. Ask yourself, are you really here to make this work and make a profit? If not then it’s better to close up this blog now and move on back to the daily job you get up for each day and either travel on public transport or drive for miles on a congested highway.

Some people are better suited to a life working for others. I don’t mean to be so blunt but I just want to save you mountains of wasted time and a lot of money.


There are times in your life where you have had to pluck up courage to do something that you didn’t feel right about. Something like climbing a tree when you feared falling or were just scared of the height.

Well property investing will produce those from time to time and the people who win push through these times.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it will be worth it.

This leads me into courage. Courage is not being stubborn with an “I’ll show them” attitude. It is getting up after each and every knock down, to, continue on with your dream of financial freedom and a happy relaxing retirement that is stress free.

Look, I’m here to try and make your life a better one. My goal is to help you improve the quality of your life through financial independence from profits earned through property investment and your property business.

I have learnt that everything you do in life has some effect on someone else somewhere at some time.

Make sure what you do is done with integrity and honesty. Get mad with junk you that tells you to get rich quick. STOP procrastinating and STOP thinking you can do this by yourself.

Is now the right time for you?

If you are still with me then I will assume you are with me until the end and are really willing to learn all you can about this great business.

This all depends on YOU and how much YOU want it…

The fact you are here now is a massive step in the right direction

Make this the time that you actually go out and follow what you read here. It will truly change your life for the better.

Ask yourself what you are worth. £1,000 per month? £10,000 per month? £50,000 per month. You decide and then start doing what it will take to reach your income goals.

Focus on the big picture, set goals that are realistic and achievable but at the same time push yourself beyond what you normally expect.

Quick Reality Check

Ok, some more reality for you. Most people think of £50,000 a year to be a something to talk about and I too used to think the same way. Hey, I used to brag about a £100,000 to my so called friends in the work place.

It will not happen in your business immediately but it will happen once you build up the momentum and put in place everything you learn.

Just go back 5 years in your life. Think what you were doing. Think where you were living. Now think about what you planned to do in the next 5 years which is exactly where you are now. Have you done what you said you would? Are you living the dreams you dreamed?

Now bring yourself back to today and think about what you are planning for the next 5 years. Have you started to do what it takes? I bet you don’t plan to earn less and you don’t plan to live in the worst house you can imagine.

Or, can you see that brand new BMW sitting on your large drive in front of your beautiful house that you chose because you like it and not because it’s what you could afford?

If you don’t want to WASTE another 5 years making the total wasted to 10 years, then get off your butt now and start doing what it takes.

The Next Step is yours

I can only help you so much when you read this blog – there is a lot more you need to know before heading out and getting started otherwise you will trip over and make a ton of mistakes.

As I mentioned before I run a beginner’s property investment course Two Saturdays per month for an entire day where I will run you through the strategies to get you started and explain some advanced strategies too. We will also work on your very own plan and focus on your skills to ensure you are comfortable dealing with agents and people from your chosen area which we will also help you establish.

Please email me directly if you have any questions about this blog or the beginner’s day workshop or just help in general.

In the meantime take a look at our website dedicated to beginners like you for some up to date tips and valuable information on how to get started including various FREE ebooks.

Ashley Banfield

[email protected]

In the meantime

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This week’s webinar question came from one of my partnership programme students Phil Turtle.

Phil has found a flat which the local estate agents have valued at £150k; the flat is in need of a refurb which we have estimated to cost around £8k.

The flat has a short lease of 62 years left, we have found out that you have to own the property for two years before you can get the lease extended.

Phil’s question to me was:

How can we get around extending the lease without having to own the property for two years?

To listen to my answer listen to the video below:

On my partnership programme we cover a lot of deals like this that need creative thinking behind them, I am also looking at doing deals with development land that is for sale.

The flat Phil has found is a perfect property investment project that we can both work on.

My aim through running my Partnership Programme is to make as many of my students Property Millionaires. I’ve helped 58 of my students become property millionaires so far, I have trained over 100 students within my training business to help them expand their portfolio.

Can you become one of them?

Watch the video below to listen to my answer to Phil’s question:

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Glenn’s week

On March 31st, 2014, posted in: Uncategorized by

Following on from running last weeks four day property course which ran from Thursday until Sunday


I travelled Tuesday afternoon down to Wiltshire where I spoke at the Wiltshire pen event many thanks to a great warm welcome to the people there. Look forward to seeing several of them on my next Property Course.


Wednesday I had to meet the surveyor from the Bank at one of my property development projects.. One of the things that happens when you borrow property development finance from a bank is that you sometimes have to pay for a six month survey. The surveyor then comes out and checks you are making sufficient progress on the project. I am pleased to say he went away very happy as we are only three weeks off completing this project. Well done to keith who learned the basics of finding a project and about property development on my property course but is now putting his learning’s into practice.


Here are some pictures of the project that I am running with Keith who is also on  my Property Development Partnership programme.


We paid £176,000 for this property. We have spent just over £40,000 converting this 5 bed badly laid out bungalow with a tiny kitchen into a three bed bungalow with a great kitchen / family area. Estate agents have recommended we let them market this for £300,000.


After the survey I travelled to Birmingham NEC where I have been speaking at the property investor Expo.


This event was a four day event running from Thursday through to Sunday and everyday I have spoken to a packed audience so a big thanks to the organises for running such a great event.


I have added some photos of the event. Many of the attendees have expressed an interest or have booked on one of my next property courses. It was great to bump into several people who are property developers or are into property development and wish they could run more projects but lack the funds. We spoke a lot about how to make their cash go further using our strategies.


Looking forward to getting back to a normal week next week. I have also worked on a new one day property course for beginners which we will be running soon priced at £67.00 plus vat


Click here for details



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Every week i will be publishing onto my blog the best question that I receive on my Tuesday two hour mentoring webinar.

Justin Doyle One of my 58 Student Property millionaires from my mentoring programme, he is also on my Partnership Programme has found a piece of Development land for sale with no planning permission on it.

The estate agents who have offered Justin the Development land for sale are checking there are no covenants on it; this is to make sure there are no serious problems with land.

We will have this checked before we look at getting planning permission on the piece of land.

The vendors are looking to sell the land for £100k; the agents have said that £80k is closer to the target price.

After Justin did his due diligence on the area where the piece of land is situated, Justin has found out that Bungalows in the area are selling for around £360k-£400k.

My Partnership Programme is a programme designed to show you how to be a property developer and takes this a stage further as I will fund the deals I teach you to find on this programme.

Click below to listen to me answer the question from this budding property developer.

Please once you have listened to the question and the answer could you let me know if you would be interested if i ran a 1 day course on property development.

It will be called “ From property investor to property developer in 17 easy steps”

It will share with you the insider knowledge I have learnt the hard way.

I will take you straight to the gold!!!! If you are interested please email [email protected] putting “Melanie please send me details on how and where to find the gold” in the subject box.

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