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  • Goal Setting Day – Saturday 6th Jan 

  • Portfolio Building Day – Wednesday 10th Jan

  • Masterclass – Saturday 13th Jan 

  • Property Beginners – Sunday 14th Jan 

  • Flipping Day – Wednesday 17th Jan 

  • Mastermind – Saturday 20th Jan 

Registration for the 4 day will be at 9.30am for a 10 am start, the event normally finishes at 6pm depending on questions being asked. 

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2018 – 4 Day Course Dates

  • 25th to 28th January 

  • 22 to 25th February  

  • 22nd to 25th March 

  • 26th to 29th April 

  • 17th to 20th May 

  • 21st to 24th June 

  • 26th to 29th July 

  • 16th to 19th August 

  • 27th to 30th September 

  • 25th to 28th October 

  • 22nd to 25th November 

Registration for the Mastermind Day will be at 9.30am for a 10am start, the event normally finishes at 6pm depending on questions being asked. 

Mastermind Dates 2018

  • Saturday 17th Febuary

  • Saturday 10th March

  • Saturday 14th April – TBC 

  • Saturday 12th May 

  • Saturday 16th June 

  • Saturday 21st July 

  • Saturday 22nd September 

  • Saturday 20th October 

  • Saturday 17th November 

Glenn Speaking Events

We would be delighted to include your event if appropriate. Please email and send us full details of the events, speakers, contact name and email and we will get it on the site as quickly as possible.

To discover more about these Events please complete your details below and a member of the team will be in contact.

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