The story of 10 property investment deals in 10 weeks, when Glenn first got started - Deal 3

Posted on 17. Dec, 2009 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

** Fambourgh Value £115k purchase price £80k rent £600pm £35k BMV

New motto don’t get to friendly with the tenants.

The lady who owned the property was being re-possessed by the Building Society.  On top of that, the company that had installed £15k of double glazing was going for a charging order.  £15k of double glazing in a £115k property, that must have been Christmas for the double glazing salesman. 

As with all my investment properties where the vendor rents the property back I tell them if they pass a credit check I will need only 1 months deposit and 1 months rent on completion but if they fail credit check I will need 6 months deposit and 1 months rent up front.

It works great as £80k purchase price gets a £68k mortgage and requires a £12k deposit now 600pm x 7 = £4200 so deposit required is now only £8k.  This was borrowed @ 2% per month unsecured (thanks Steve).

This is the first time I have done any work to a property I have rented back to the vendors but it was required or the re-mortgage valuation may have gone wonky.

I replaced 9 missing tiles from their kitchen floor (I think the job was never completed).  Some beading around the Laminate floor in the hall, front and back forest turned back into a garden and repainted the red garage door white, oh and fixed a leaky tap.  Re-mortgage is currently going through.  Total spend £200.

Mortgage payments for this below market value property investment deal will be £115,000 x 85% = £97,750. This will cost £390pm giving me my plus £200 pm positive cash flow.  There will be approx £17k surplus of cash after original mortgage and deposit loan has been repaid.

Reference getting friendly with the tenants every time there is a family bust up (twice weekly) I get a call to say is it ok if the lady becomes the tenant.  A day later I get a call to say not to bother.  They have also requested I convert the garage into a further bedroom and en suite so they can rent it out for £100pw they even offered me an extra £200 pm rent cost will be around £7k. I said I would sort as long as I got the full £100 pw until my costs are covered.

Property mortgage is currently £252.36 and is currently rented for £795 per month.

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