Financial Freedom, Here We come - Stuart Roffey

Posted on 19. Jul, 2013 by admin in Glenn's Blog

When Glenn invited me to join the partnership programme, I had to give it some serious thought… two seconds later I had reached a decision! This is an opportunity second to none.

There are a lot of so called “gurus” out there offering all kinds of strategies, the latest thing and so on. Nobody is offering what Glenn offers on this programme; his expertise, strategies, funding and time.
He is good to work with. Patient and knowledgeable plus the experience to handle all types of situations that one cannot always foresee. Some of the by-products that should not be underestimated included: increased self-confidence, massive increase in property “wisdom”, negotiation and strategies.
Thanks to Glenn and his knowledge, I now have other high net worth individuals approaching me to find deals and work with them too! This is now my full time business and I have no doubt that I will achieve financial freedom over the next 12 months.
My thanks not only to Glenn, but to his team of support staff particularly Helen, who adds her legal experience and eye for detail to the mix. 10 months into the partnership program I am delighted with the results.

I am ahead of the target I set myself. Currently the total stands at 10 deals with a potential profit margin of £250,000, representing a potential income of £125000.

The deals have come from both direct marketing to vendors and also through Estate Agents. Glenn and his team coach you in how to deal with estate agents, market for deals and approach and conduct appointments with both agents and vendors.
Plus how to assess what is a deal, and what is not a deal. Very often, people on the programme learn very quickly that some so called “deals” are actually no good at all. If you get stuck, Glenn will find a way for you to keep moving forward. Before long that sticking point becomes a strong point.
It just takes work, application and practice. Something Glenn provides plenty of. I found initially that I was not getting deals through estate agents as easily as I was direct with vendors. I focused on this and got better results. Just by changing a few things and learning more.
One thing is certain: your comfort zone will be challenged and increased dramatically. As a result, I am looking to achieve much more.

Another 6 deals at least over the next 3 months.

Financial freedom here we come.

- Stuart Roffey

You can check out the video of Glenn and Stuart below, where Glenn is interviewing Stuart on his current progress

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