Golden Nugget’s from this weeks webinar on Title splitting

Posted on 12. May, 2012 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

Title Splitting

One strategy:-  Four highly profitable outcomes

How to buy 1 property and get one free.

How to build a mortgage free portfolio 

How to generate 10k per month income and never have to worry about interest rate rises.

How to make over 100k with one property purchase.

This weeks golden nugget for me was doing BOGOF and being protected from interest rate rises…Will Mason

This weeks golden nugget for me was the large monthly income - c£10 if wanted -  with a few properties - comparatively speaking…Vance Harvey

Nugett - realising that there are so many different methods to splitting, not just the obvious ones…keith smith

I think my nugget for the evening is simply to innovate. The way things were is almost always not the way they should be. Creativity is always the key to better returns in any business. Thanks, ….Andrew Gill

you can listen to a recording of the webinar by clicking here

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