How can I stop a repossession?

Posted on 31. Oct, 2012 by admin in Glenn's Blog

Prakash Shah is on my mentorship programme and on my last deal clinic weekly
webinar he asked me the following question:

“I have a vendor being repossessed tomorrow, what can I do to prevent this from happening?”

He was on his way to see a vendor who was being repossessed the following day meaning
that he would be evicted from his property at eleven the next day if we did not do anything.

Time was critical.

This was my answer:

You can normally stop repossession as long as there is at least an hour before the EVICTION. You go about this by filling in an N244 form and
presenting it to the court.

He filled in a form with the vendor and was granted a hearing. At the hearing he managed to get an extension on the repossession ensuring that
the vendor wasn’t evicted from the property and also enabling him time to purchase the property.

The key here is to be asking for a redemption figure, we
cover this in depth on my “Your next level” part two, two day property
course, where for part of the day I share all the tricks I have learnt over the years on how to
stop repossessions. If you are on my mentorship programme you can ask your
burning questions every week on my webinar.

It really is simple if you know how.

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