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Posted on 02. May, 2012 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

Free webinar!!!

How to buy a house for £1.00

It’s easy when you understand how!!!
I have purchase over 50 properties that have cost me between £1.00. and £4200

£4200 for a 5 bed property worth £235,000 that rents out for £3000 per month with a £840 mortgage payment per month

The cash flow I get from these properties which are now rented out is amazing.

You can find out how to find and purchase properties for £1.00 that will make huge cash flow this webinar.

Where is the best place in your town to market for these deals?

Which places in the uk does this strategy work best?

How to buy these from estate agents?

to register for the webinar click here

Find out how I purchase a property for a £1.00 that makes a cashflow profit every month

and that I will own and never pay 1p more. A real £1.00 property

Learn these secrets from a Property Millionaire


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