Is Your Money working Hard Enough For You?

Posted on 08. Apr, 2010 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

You can earn 1% to 1.5% per month on your money
with first or second charges against the property.
Where else can you get 12% to 18% interest and security?

Here at my office we are still buying between 6 and 10 properties a month. Due to the high demand for cheap properties and to enable us to secure these “dream deals”
we have to purchase very quickly in order to secure the deal.

Sometimes we offer private investors the opportunity to get involved in making money from these deals by way of three different options.

1) We offer 1% interest per month on your money
We currently are looking for amounts of 84k, 120k,135k and 250k.
84k example
You send the money to the solicitors and we use the money to purchase the property at 84k the solicitors will register a first charge on the property in your favour.
We have a similar property recently rics valued at 120k
We have a waiting list of buyers for these properties who have already been pre approved for a mortgage.
Prior to you sending the money and us completing we will have a surveyor on the banks panel give us a valuation on the property. Once we have this we will complete the purchase as above using your funds and you will have a first charge on the property.
We then offer the property to one of our pre approved buyers and who use the bank to fund the purchase. The bank will instruct the surveyor who will re type the valuation or re value if we have refurbished the property.
The sale will then progress usually taking between 2 and 4 months depending on the refurbishment required. At this point you will be repaid the first charge plus all accumulated interest by the solicitors as your charge needs to be cleared in order to complete the sale.
So you would receive your original 84k and if the transaction lasted 90 days you would receive £840 x 3 = £2520 interest

2) We offer 1.5% per month on your money.
We have some larger refurbishment projects that require funding.
We are currently looking for amounts of 10k, 15k, 20k and 30k
20k example
You send the 20k to the solicitors who secure for you a second charge on a property that we are currently refurbishing. Once the refurbishment is completed and the property is sold to one of our waiting investors the capital money is repaid. For the period the money is being used you are sent the interest monthly ie £300 per month by bank transfer.

3). We have some JV deals available
example we are purchasing a property with a plot on the side for 160k. We will resell the property after a 5k refurb for 190k to 200k. We will either sell on the plot with planning permission or build the property so we will initially require 165k to cover purchase price and refurb. this will be returned on sale of the property and you will receive your capital sum and 50% of the profit. The build will then need to be funded by you and you will have security from the project and on sale of the completed property you will receive a % of the profit.
We have several other joint venture projects please call for details.

Please call Mark Penn on 01908-423700 or 01908-423710 or email [email protected] for more details

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