Leading Internet Marketeer, Chris Bloor, Shares Top Secrets at Glenn Armstrongs September Mastermind

Posted on 17. Sep, 2013 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

What a great mastermind day we had at the Jury’s Inn at the weekend.

We kicked the morning off examining our WHY’s; why property? Why you joined the mentorship programme? Why you come to mastermind days? Why?

For many of you, the answer was to make more money, to become financially free - which is great; however, that still begs the question, why? Why do you want to make more money? Why do you want financial freedom? Why? You need to drill right down to identify your why, only then will you be able to determine your HOW.

A mastermind group, by definition is a group of people with a common bond. This month our common bond is to look at the opportunities that Government Grants can bring.

There are councils up and down the country that have grants of up to £25k available for projects meeting the right criteria.

When we find out what our local councils have available & their lending criteria, we can pool our information on our closed facebook group. This will be an invaluable resource allowing us to increase our portfolios without leaving any of our own money in the deals. A true investment!

Investors such as Kevin Green & Duncan Bannatyne have both used this strategy to build their wealth.

After the break we got straight into our Negotiation Exercise, two groups of purchasers and two groups of vendors, all given their respective scenarios, but knowing nothing of each others’ requirements.

After two fifteen minute intense negotiation sessions, the deals were done. I say the deals were done, that’s not strictly true is it Theresa? Congratulations went to vendors Justin Doyle & Anil Patel for achieving combined selling prices of £339k and£338.5k respectively. Whilst Alan Wood & Pete Venis were the buyers who achieved the most competitive combined purchase prices of just £300k & £322k.

Although just for fun, the point of this exercise was to show how having parameters affects the offers you put forward, it was interesting to see that you all negotiated within the parameters that Glenn gave you.

For those of you interested in improving your negotiating skills and techniques, Glenn & Stuart Roffey will be holding a Negotiation Masterclass on October 20th which is the Sunday following  the next mastermind day. For more information & to book you place, give myself or one of the team a call on the number below. This event will be held at our new office in Bletchley & places will be limited to just 40.

Leading up to lunch, Justin Doyle, one of Glenn’s Millionaire Students gave us some practical insights on how he builds rapport & relationships with Estate Agents.

After lunch, we were given a brief introduction to the Fundamentals of Business from Vince Audritt, who has recently become Glenn’s 56th Millionaire Student.  Vince, with the aid of badly drawn penguin, explained that Suppliers, Products & Services and Customers are the heart of any business, but in order for that heart to pump & really grow the business, it needed ‘blood’. He went on to explain that the blood of any business is marketing, which led very nicely into Chris Bloor’s presentation on the Circle of Life Marketing.

Chris Bloor has been in the internet marketing business since 1997 & is recognised as one of the world’s top marketers with a reputation for being the “Go To” guy. He has an absolute wealth of money-making, advertising and marketing ideas.

Circle of life Marketing is an effective lead generation solution because it focuses on creating a network of relationships to generate a constant supply of fresh, targeted leads. He explained how to get quality referrals by adding £1000’s worth of extra bonuses to your product or service without having to spend a penny to get them.

To make your own circle of life, all you need to do is make a list of those people that have ‘your clients’ BEFORE & AFTER you.

Chris also spoke about how a large helium Bugs Bunny air walker, with your letter attached, may help you get past the ‘Gate Keeper’ & also discussed the benefits of lumpymail.com.

So that’s about it for this month. Our next mastermind day is Saturday 19th October, you can book your place now, by calling the team on the numbers below and if you want to attend the Negotiation Masterclass you can book that at the same time. If you’re traveling, it may be wise to book into a hotel or B&B in advance if you intend to do the two days.

Below are the details of two other events we are running this month,

26th – 29th 4 Day Intensive Training in Bletchley

30th Networking Event hosted by Glenn at The Square Pig in Holburn.

Our keynote speaker for this event is Sir Eric Peacock.

You will already have received information of this event; however what you may not have been told is that as you are one of Glenn’s mentees, he is offering you the opportunity to buy one ticket and get the second absolutely free of charge. The only stipulation is that your free ticket cannot be used by another mentee. For more information or to book your place please call Louise on 01908 423722.

If we can help you in any way between now and your next mastermind day, please feel free to contact us on the email or numbers below.

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