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Posted on 18. Jun, 2013 by admin in Glenn's Blog


How many times have you structured a deal? 5? 10? 15 times? Have you made absolutely positively sure that you were not leaving any money over in the deal?

Imagine that you leave 5k on the table every single time you do a deal.
That would build up quite fast!

Now, you may not have a well performing portfolio, or have yet to begin, but there are some crucial things you need to know in order to successfully profit from property. The where’s, when’s and who’s are pretty academic; you need to know your why’s and how’s as well.

If you already have a portfolio that is performing well, then congratulations… but there is a better and more effective way of investing than you are currently doing. Work smarter, not harder!

Do you know how to buy properties using none of your own cash? Do you know how to protect yourself against interest rate rises? How about adding 100k to the value of a property?

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If I had to say that there were two very important factors in achieving property success, I’d say it really boils down to either knowledge or confidence.

If you lack either of these, it could be detrimental to a well performing portfolio. I can however, teach you the knowledge and build your confidence.
Imagine knowing a way to prevent that from happening.. Or if I could show you how you can maximise the profit of every deal that you do.
Join me TONIGHT at 7pm, where I will be showing you just how you can avoid leaving any money on the table and more importantly, maximise the profit of every single deal that you do.

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