Alternative Income Stream

Posted on 30. Nov, 2009 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

Alternative Income Streams

My name is Janie Acutt and I have known Glenn Armstrong for some years having attended his property courses. He guided me through the buying process, which increased my portfolio to 20 properties. Glenn is an extremely focused and successful businessman who would not put his name to anything less than the best.  Hundreds of business opportunities have been presented to Glenn over the years but he never found them to be the quality he expects in a business. A network marketing company launched in the UK in June 2009 and although unheard of by most people it is one of the top 20 network marketing companies in the world.   I knew the quality would meet Glenn’s expectations so I arranged to meet with him at his office earlier this month and began to present a 30 minute business plan.  He cut it short at 12 minutes in and said, “Great, I love it!”  So I am pleased to say that Glenn has joined and we look forward to sharing the opportunity with you at a webinar in a few weeks.

There is uncertainty as to how long the down economy will last and more than ever before people are searching for alternative income streams to alleviate the financial strain to their pockets. 

When we think of alternative income streams there are several options that come to mind:  Property rental, dividends from shares, small businesses, royalties from books, franchising and network marketing. 

 What I want to focus attention on in this article is network marketing, often referred to as word of mouth marketing or also known as a home-based business model.  There is often a lot of stigma around network marketing and people’s perceptions might be for instance:-

 They have been unsuccessful in business, so put heir failure down to the fault o the industry or the company they joined while failing to take owner ship for quitting themselves or not being teachable; or lack of drive or commitment to develop the passive income.

  1. They heard that Uncle Fred had a friend who had a grandmother who tried one of those things in 1964 and failed. 
  2. They heard through someone who heard through someone that it was one the same as one of those pyramid things. 

Network marketing, a $100 billion industry worldwide, has often been dismissed as a legitimate business model by the public even though it has been around for over 50 years. 

 I hope to open your mind to the fact that network marketing has now come of age.

 It is not just becoming main-stream, it is becoming a dominant market trend and one that is gathering momentum. 

Network marketing is taught as a legitimate business programme in many business schools and universities around the world.   Dr Charles King who holds a PHD from Harvard and is a professor of marketing at the University of Illinois in Chicago talks about it in this video:

 Network marketing is a rising star in business today and many of the world’s leading business men are jumping on board.  Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Donald Trump all own network marketing companies.   The industry is counter cyclical.  What does that mean?  It means that in times of recession when everything is going down in conventional business, everything is booming in the network marketing business.  There has never been a better time to consider finding a couple of hours a week to work on your network marketing business as an alternative form of income stream.

 Right now is the perfect storm of opportunity and Glenn has attached himself to the most explosive business model (network marketing) in the largest and most exciting industry in the world.  Glenn understands that he doesn’t even need a piece of the pie to create incredible wealth with this particular network marketing business, all he needs is the goo that sticks to the knife that cuts the pie!

Look out for details of a webinar in the next few weeks.  we look forward to sharing this very exciting opportunity with you.

The plane is on the run-way and approaching for take off, heading toward the height of its ascent.  The question is, do you want to remain on the tarmac or do you want to be on the plane?

For more details of how to create a second income stream please email janie@ [email protected]

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