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How to Value a Property

Post on: 30 Nov, 2009

I recently hosted a webinar on how to work out the value of your property. This is a crucial element for any property investor My special guest on the webinar was Ben Squire from hometrack.  To view for this F*R*E*E webinar, click below. Find out how the banks and building societies use this latest tool […]

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Tips from Glenn for Buying BMV

Post on: 30 Nov, 2009

Lots of you have previously attended my BMV (below market value) property course day but for many this was a little while ago. I started my investment property portfolio doing BMVproperty investment deals and I know exactly how difficult it can be to source BMV investment deals especially with the current market constantly changing and the […]

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The story of 10 property investment deals in 10 weeks, when Glenn first got started - Deal 1

Post on: 28 Jul, 2009

10 Deals in 10 weeks Wallingford £40k BMV £700 refurb (2005) I have seen your advert in the paper and I want to sell my property.  I think the property is worth £120k.  I can take £110k said the voice on the phone.  20 minutes later I was sitting in his living room drinking tea. […]

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Glenn’s Advice & Mentorship

Post on: 30 Apr, 2009

Glenn’s advice and mentorship has helped many make fortunes in property. Below Glenn answers the questions you have put too him and discusses real issues that you have related to your property portfolios. If you have any Property Investment questions please feel free to ask.

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