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“…We Now Own 49 Properties Thanks to Glenn’s Teachings …”
“By applying Glenn’s teaching, my wife and I have built up a portfolio of 49 properties. We have both been able to give up our salaried jobs and earn a living through property, working together from home.”

Lee Berridge

“… Bought Our First Property After Attending Glenn’s Course …”
“Since attending Glenn’s Level 1 course we’ve bought our first investment property. It’s a 3 bedroom terraced house that was a repossessed property. We paid £44k – the average asking price for similar houses in the area is £80K – £90K. So we’re absolutely delighted with the property investing strategies Glenn taught us,”

Sophie Owen

“… Glenn’s Secrets Have Been Essential to My Success…”
“Glenn has been instrumental in my successful property investment career to date, he is one of the few so called “Public Guru’s” who actually still invests in property and has adapted his strategies whilst others have hid in the bushes once the going got tough.”

Craig Shrigley, Managing Director, Epic Wealth

“… He’s Honest and Very Professional…”
“Glenn is one of the few property investing teachers who keeps up to date with what’s happening in the property market. He’s approachable, professional and most importantly honest.”

Melvyn de Friend, Barnet, Herts

“… I Expect To Make £30,000 on One Deal Thanks To Glenn…”
“I’m buying a house in Bristol that I expect to make about £30K on flipping. I would never have bought this without Glenn’s help. I would certainly recommend Glenn’s courses and Mastermind to just about anyone who wants to get ahead in Property, whether experienced or new. Glenn is able to suggest strategies and tactics to suit individual ability and preference – his is definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. I frequently hear people saying they have been on a number of property courses but Glenn’s is the best.”

Rich Greenland, Bristol

“…From Total Newbie to Million Pound Portfolio in 12 Months…”
“I knew very little when I started and it took me just 12 months to acquire a million pound property portfolio and £2500 cashflow (using all sorts of strategies that were new to me including lease options and delayed completions). On average I’m completing on a new deal every 8 weeks and loving life!”

Sean Brett, Bristol

Before meeting Glenn we were living in rented accommodation in London stuck in the rat race dreaming of an exit strategy. I knew property was the way to go but didn't know how to start. 3 years later we now live in our own home, have 15 Buy to Let properties. With Glenn's mentorship and support I have gone from property newbie to full time investor overcoming many challenges on the way.

Sean Brett

Glenn’s ideas come from a unique place - he is our mentor, and yet beyond that. He lives & breathes his craft, so much so that he has BECOME it, fully embodied.

Glenn Balouza

This event was once again fantastic. Ashley gave a fabulous and detailed overview about getting into property. I will be attending the Rent to Rent Day he is running in March. Thanks Glenn, Thanks Ashley, Thanks Mel and Thanks Tony

“I have just completed my mentorship with Glenn which I signed up for after an eye-opening, exciting & informative 4 day course. It’s been an amazing period of my life, learning new things from all the Mastermind Days, engaging with the weekly webinars, and getting Glenn’s expertise to guide me through potential deals. You don’t know what you don’t know, that’s for sure! I have not yet made a million since signing up, (entirely due to my not giving it my full attention) but I am steadily on my way, reviewing the property portfolio I have with more knowledge to bear and also with an HMO set up & running since joining the mentorship programme - something I would not have had the knowledge or the courage to do before. So was it worth the course fee? For me YES. It isn’t just about Glenn (sorry Glenn!) it’s also about all the amazing people you meet along the way, and all the networking you do. People all on the same life-changing journey as yourself. If you are keen to know more, then definitely do the 4 day course, worth every last penny and one of the cheapest going. If you can give it your time and energy and want to go further, then sign up for the mentorship. You have nothing to lose for sure.”



“Great info and good insight with good material, simple and constructive. Well done, will definitely recommend this course.”


Harvey Singh

“A very good course. I’ve learnt some new skills that will help me in my property journey. I would highly recommend this course to other people.”


David Caperro

“Excellent overall. One of the key things is getting all the materials on a USB. It is great that there were examples to support the content”


Jackson Carroll

“A well-structured course. Delivered on time. Simply explained. Set out well. Basis to get started. Structure for any business building. This applies to all property projects and any projects for that matter. This will save time money and heartache.”


Des Taylor

“Very informative. Good mix of people. Good idea to have a facebook group. All round 10/10”


Edward Clynes

“A course full of information. All the relevant information about project management. This has helped me understand a bit more about the work and research required before I take on any projects. It also helped me to understand the importance of budgets, detailed plans and contracts required to run a smooth project. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of managing a project, big or small.”


Asif Hussain

“Excellent. I wish it was longer, 2-3 days.”


Dario Ferraro

“Simple and helpful. The training from David has been really understanding, easy and just getting to the key points of the topic. I’m looking forward to the group support where we will share information. I’m really motivated and ready to start working on developments. It will be a long journey, where mistakes will come along the way, but I’m completely ready and focussed on learning. Excellent workshop.”


Linda Posada

“Great content delivered in an easy to understand and easily applicable in practice format. Breaks well timed. Perhaps some process flow diagrams could be helpful in illustrating some of the processes discussed. The payment certificates on the USB stick will be invaluable. It will be great to use in the future to drill into the pre-contract/tendering process. Thank you very much and I look forward to the next session.”


Ivan Pashov

“The day was excellent. Info was interesting and relevant. David’s experience and depth of knowledge was inexhaustible. Particularly enjoyed the fact there was plenty of time to share experiences & network between attendees. 10/10”


Alison Wright

“I have owned and run my own Estate Agency business for over 25years. I have found Glenn Armstrong’s 4 Day Course extremely beneficial & useful. I already have over 20 residential and commercial properties with £3 Million equity, but have learned a great deal over the last 4 days. There are so many new ideas and strategies to make money. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in making money by investing in property. As an individual I have found Glenn to be a very knowledgeable and a real expert in his field. He is an excellent trainer and mentor. I am very excited and looking forward to the future. Finally I would like to say a Big Thank you to Glenn for sharing his knowledge”


Sean Newman, an experienced Estate Agent

“As a surveyor already working in the property field I can highly recommend joining Glenn Armstrong’s Mentorship Programme, the days are always full of motivational and creative ideas and you will learn all the property investment strategies”


David Howell, Surveyor, said of Glenn’s Mentorship and Mastermind Days

“I have a Burger Van in the centre of Milton Keynes. I am also Parish Councillor for CMK Parish Council for 4 years. I met Glenn at the Wolverton office in 2011 to buy a property with his Estate Agency. I did not buy that house but he very kindly explained to me how to buy etc. It was a short conversation but, believe me it inspired me to buy properties. He gave his number and I have phoned him several times and despite being so busy, he kindly explained if it’s good or bad deal or anything else about property.
??Being a busy person whenever I got hold of him, Glenn has always tried to help. Especially one house I was not going to buy and was going to withdraw from the deal. I phoned him and asked about if it’s good to buy, he explained how it’s good to buy shared ownership for rental use. It was like going in to Boxing Ring for me then.?
After that conversation, I said to myself (this person knows and speaking genuinely, I decided to buy 30% share with all my money in the bank including overdrafts , I only had £300 Left in my account!!) ??I love property business I watched Glenn’s videos and joined in many Webinars and travelled to London to see him speak. ??I’m sorry it’s so long, it’s good that at least I have thanked you.?”


Ramazan Erdogan

“Four incredible days spent with the ‘negotiating ninja’
Glenn has an ability to make something seem so left field.
Such a light bulb moment.
My head is scrambled with knowledge, must put in place to reach my financial goal.
My back ground is managing a photography studio; I am an amateur investor who has been taught to follow the conventional method. This would never get me to where I want to get to within the time constraints.
Thank you to Glenn, Tony, Steve and Mel.
Here’s to a great working future.”



“I am an ex- builder/ Property Maintenance, not working for customers anymore. Concentrating on managing and expanding my portfolio, will be systemising everything.
I loved the course as it was more personal then all the other courses I have been on.”


Philip Lacey

“I am a relatively new investor and found the days very interesting and gave me the feedback of new ideas.”


Oliver Musgrave

“I am an amateur property professional. I have known for over 12 months that I will make property/developments and investments my career, hobby and passion for life.
I am a full time employed as a designer and have now started a small Architectural business also.
I will leave my job in Jan 2016 and start my mentorship then, if not sooner, dependant on my time between now and then.”


Stefan Gavin

“I am a property investor of 8-9 years, currently running and working within 3 businesses and running my own property portfolio.
I was sceptical about coming on this course BUT my view has changed and I really enjoyed the education Glenn and his staff have provided.
It has given me, a royal kick up the back side as I believe we are sitting on some extremely interesting and potential deals.
I would strongly recommend GA courses and wish to thank you all for the experience.”


Nathan McAlindon

“Ex Location manager/ Production manager- now full time property investor in London and Birmingham.
The phrase ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ has never been truer than this weekend.
I’ve been gobsmacked by the volume, relevance and practicality of the strategies on offer this weekend.
I have built up a good store of knowledge and strategies over the last 3 years, but this 4 day course has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibility within my grasps.
I cannot recommend this course highly enough an intelligent, practical, real world information. A whole new buffet of strategies to pick from.
Thank you Glenn and the Team.”


Roland Caine

“Been property investor since Sept 2007 and Glenn’s ideas are very logical. Some of his ideas I had never thought of.
Very inspirational.
Good Bye to the rat race.”


Gary Bees

Really Enjoyed it.”



“We found it fantastic!
We came here to learn more strategies and definitely did! It was an eye opener because it made us look at our recent deals we have done, we could have made more money on them if we knew of the knowledge we learnt this weekend.
Thank you very much Glenn and the Team.


Nick and Paul Curley

“Partner in a very low energy building and property development company in South East London. We specialise in transforming run down properties into funky stylist homes by adding value through, extensions re configuration and new builds in gardens.
Love this kind of strategy and will combine with lease options, delayed completions and assignable contracts.”


Claire Hunte

“Newish to property, parents are investors and I have been shadowing my dad the last few months.
Came here for the education to help be a more effective part of the collective business as a family but also to launch myself forward in my own right moving at a faster pace than I am investing with my parents.
I enjoyed learning all the strategies and having my mind opened to what is possible and what I can achieve.
Prior to attending I had renovated a house and sold it on and thought I’d continue in the same way but although I may still do this my mind has expanded to new ideas.
For that I am grateful.
Thank you
Much needed inspiration.”


David Mobbs

“I am a Business Development Manager at AXA Assistance, also qualified personal trainer achieved MBA 2005. Spent 6 years a Project Manager in pension’s buy-out companies and 14 years in pension’s admin.
My experience in property is limited-very much a starter.
The course has given me the potential to use many different methods to help me achieve my goal of 10k per month in 3 years.
Glenn clearly has huge experience and an excellent problem solving brain. I look forward to this mentorship programme and working with Glenn and making me, Glenn and future partners lots of money!
And having fun.”


Tim Edwards

“I have learnt more than I ever imagine I would. I would have done a few property training courses in the past and thought I knew enough to build a successful property portfolio and cash flow enough money to be financially free. Now that I have been educated by Glenn I now realise I was lacking the correct information to achieve significant success.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about property.”


Patricia Minnell

“I am a small investor with a portfolio of 13 units, been investing for 20 years but need to set up to the next level as the traditional way of investing has bogged me down.”


Dee Bell

“I wish I had attended this course 10 years ago.
Mind Blowing.”


Christina Brown

“Site Construction Manager on large one off developments with values of 3 million pound plus.
I am surrounded by developers 24/7 for 2 years.
I have learned more in 4 days and have seen how much my employers have been leaving on the table.
I love how personal the whole team are and actually can’t believe how quick the whole course went.
It has given me and the whole class an awesome fuss.”


Frank McNicholl

“I enjoyed the 4 day property intensive, very informative.
I work full time (4 day on-4 day off) so have a lot of time to invest, I have a property that is let out. Looking to get the next, next, next.
I am very much interesting in flipping and rent to rent.”


Ken Sokhal

“I have been running my own business for the last 12 years, it has been successful however I am constantly exchanging my time for money and that will not change unless I change it.
My goal is to turn £100k into 1 Million within 3-5 years and by putting into place everything I have learned on the course and with Glenn’s help I now believe that goal is achievable.
The course and Glenn teaches so much more than any other course I have been on and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to be successful in property.”


Jemma Edwards

“As a person who has worked in the property industry for 7 years I was surprised by how much new information I was provided by the course. Not only was it informative but very enjoyable and Glenn was an entertaining person to learn from.
I would have no concerns in recommending others to have his courses and I will certainly be back for further education.”


Matthew Ballard

“I am a novice investor. I just bought my first property in March.
I first saw Glenn when he was speaking at the Berkshire Property Meet. I knew there and then that he was the right mentor for me.
I came on the 4day property course and he blew my mind with his crazy but very legal property strategies that I’d never ever heard of before. I can’t wait for my mentorship program over the next 18 months. I’m going to be one of his first 100 property millionaires.
Glenn expect another bottle of champagne from me and my mum!”


Oleesha Minnell

“I am a lettings agent/ deal sourcer, now doing rent to rent. I give this course a high rating. Very informative, everything broken down very clearly.”


Jade Valentine

“Property Developer, Builder, low energy, new build specialist.
Very keen to learn strategies.”


Lindsay Gibbons

“I’m 17 but have been ground property all my life. Glenn is a genius at finding money in a potential deal with strategies that are so simple yet you wouldn’t think of.”


Caleb Lacey

“Huge advantage, strategies, networking contacts.
Great 4 day event.
Thank you.”


Safdar R Khan

“I am an interior designer with a background in psychology.
I came on this course to better understand the financial side if property and what is possible. My mind has definitely been blown. Even with property developer parents, I didn’t realise how many different strategies there are. Glenn has intensive knowledge of the latest and most creative ways of doings. I really enjoyed broadening my understanding of the business and learning a variety of techniques and strategies.”


Victoria Mobbs

“Very good 4 days training. Learnt some new ways of doing things and made some great contacts.
Really worth the money and time.”


Mark Climments

Brain very full.
Want and need more info.
Can’t wait to start the mentorship program, Partnership Program and also to do a day with Ashley on the Rent to Rent program.
I am planning to find out what I can do next, which will help me get to the next level.
Thank you very much and look forward to working with you.”


Sean Reuben

“Well what can we say other then ‘Bloody Marvellous’.
You really don’t know what you don’t know until you attend the 4 day course with Glenn.
We run a construction company, Adi has 25 years of experience in the building trade and I have a background in H & S and now run a network Marketing Company.
The knowledge we have gained today is priceless and I am confident it will accelerate our success to levels we may have only previously dreamt of.
Big thanks to Glenn and the Team.”


Chrissy & Adi Wright

“I’m a property investor with 3 houses and 14 rentals. I have a Lettings Agency and Estate Agency.
These 4 days have been brilliant. Glenn has focussed by brain, given me strategies to make more money and made me realise the business I am in.
Thank you!
See you soon.”


Andy Geldar

“Thank you very much!! It was a life changing course for both Scott and I. Meeting Glenn and you was amazing, with your positive attitudes and high
energy levels. I am excited about the thrilling, hard and rewarding ride ahead.”


Paula Thornburrow

“Good day, lots to take in….. got my grey cells buzzing! Not sure which route I will go down.”


Dee Bell

“Very interesting. Being fairly ew to the property business, it has certainly started me thinking; in particular about strategies that were completely unknown to me beforehand.”


Martyn Darby

“Intriguing. Makes you want to know more!”



“Useful course, detailing different means of investing. A very well structured course – a lot of information, we need time to digest it all!”


Mike, Liz & Graeme Collins

“This event was recommended by a friend of mine who is already a property investor himself. I personally enjoy the idea of developing a property and also flipping them. This event has provided me a clearer insight to other opportunities within property investing.”


Rochelle Mills

“I was really impressed. I was talked into coming by a previous 4 Day attendee. I would recommend keeping to pre-planned examples better labelled. Thank you. See you soon”


Jason Newman

“I learnt a huge amount from this day. The day was very well presented by both Ashley and Glenn. Real life examples and visuals were used to portray information clearly. I will be recommending this day to people I know. Thank you.”


Joel Freedman

“This event was once again fantastic. Ashley gave a fabulous and detailed overview about getting into property. I will be attending the Rent to Rent Day he is running in March. Thanks Glenn, Thanks Ashley, Thanks Mel and Thanks Tony.”


Earl Hibbert

“Since working with Glenn we have achieved a great success in our property development business. We have gone from converting small houses to building schemes of multi units, currently up to 10 new build houses and 36 flats. We currently have a forward order book of our own projects with a combined GDV (Gross Development Value) of £7.8m and have another 3 potential projects with a combined GDV of £6m. Glenn has helped us master our time, focus on our core strategy, structure creative deals, use option contracts and exchange with delayed completions, negotiate with vendors, raise equity and arrange debt finance, keep us in check with our BIG picture goals vs smaller key targets and generally been a great mentor to learn from. I know with Glenn’s continued support we will achieve all and more of our 2015 targets. We have also learned about commercial conversion into residential which is a very profitable strategy, we are now employing this in our portfolio of development projects!”


Chris Madelin

“A great day, very informative, lots of good ideas and strategies and new methods of doing deals.”



“An enjoyable taster with some valuable tips and strategies. No hard sell on the course, although I have already booked two places and looking to learning a great deal more and putting into practise.”


Andy Goldfinch

“The course is fantastic, full of experiences and advice. I would like to come back again and learn more as the course is really suitable for me. Many thanks to Glenn and Ashley.”


Sue Cai

“I came because I knew of Glenn’s excellent reputation and wanted to witness his approach first hand. Glenn has a very analytical style, and explains the significance of applying the right strategy in the right area – something that I have never seen addressed in such detail elsewhere. His illustration of the comparable profits made by with same initial sum by traditional and sophisticated investors, as well as developers, was highly illuminating. Glenn is a practitioner of impeccable credentials. I would highly recommend his course.”


Jane Bayler

“We found this course very informative and a big eye opener. Now we have to take action.”


Joanna & Fred

“Coming here has really changed my life for the best. Glenn is truly someone who wants to help and is not like other teachers who just sell courses. I wish to become one of his 100 equity millionaires by 2016. After 3 failed businesses at the age of 26 I feel 100% confident that I can achieve my goals.”


Don Ndiweni

“Clearly presented, in layman’s terms. My takeaways; Mind set. Important and practical tips. Demystifying area selection and evaluation. Strategies to area considerations. Intro to tools for my property toolbox.”



“Although I have attended many property courses I found this one to be the best ever. Lots of information shared in a way that I can actually use. A very well structured day which was very motivating. I have several properties already but they are not generating the return I now know I can get. I think I will now be able to achieve my goals as I know how to do it – with Glenn’s help!”



“It is practical & knowledgeable course. I now know it is possible to achieve what I want from property.”



“Excellent course, both Ashley and Glenn were very free and open with information. For a free day I thought the content was excellent. I will definitely do the 4 Day Course in February. Very very inspiring.”


Valerie Joseph

“A very informative, clear and concise delivery from both Glenn and Ashley, delivering a lot of information I wasn’t clear on from other providers’ previous courses where pushing products for sale over shadowed the information given.”



“The course was an informative day where an overview of property investing was covered. It was delivered by Ashley, who is actively investing and implementing all the strategies.”



“Great stuff – I want what Glenn’s got and he’s the man to give it to me. Experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for property – oh yes & did I mention all that glorious M.O.N.E.Y!!”



“This course has provided tremendous knowledge & I look forward to the 4 Day Course!”



“Well articulated, organised and clear in getting messages across. I think I would be humbled to get involved with Glenn.”


Ibrahim Sani

“Fantastic presentation. I have gained a lot of helpful information. After today I will definitely be attending the 4 Day Course.”


Mo Rahman

“As a new investor this provided a great overview of the key strategies that can be used for a successful property business.”



“Not quite sure where to start from really. It has been a fantastic 4 days, lots of information, valuable of course, that I will apply to the to my utmost wealth objective – Become a millionaire in the next five years.
I have been humbled and truly amazed by Glenn’s sincerity, simplicity and openness at what he does. I am privileged to sign up to the mentorship programme and looking forward to the opportunity to working with Glenn on my journey to becoming a millionaire. I will bring my celebration bottle of champagne 3-5 years from today.
What can I say; Mel was fantastic, very helpful and friendly as well. The joy of seeing Mel do what she does, ever dependable aid, is one to look forward to in my personal assistant on my way.
You have all been very wonderful, and I use this medium to say a huge thank you. THANK YOU!
I will definitely recommend this course. THANK YOU!”


Eric Okoh

“Very interesting, thanks Glenn and everyone!”


Sam Madrell

“A well constructed and delivered course. All topics explained well and questions answered.
Glenn’s knowledge is vast. Lots of well timed breaks.
Great team – Extremely friendly. Professional well executed course.
Thank you so much!”


Kathryn Fletcher

“A highly informative and practical, action packed 4 days, which although full of strategies was easy to understand as underpinned with examples and also included case studies and previous/current student working/pas projects. Refreshingly did not include any ‘hard sell techniques’ and everyone involved possessed integrity and authenticity. Thank you for a “life changing” experience!!”


Sue Baker

“It’s been an amazing and eye opening 4 days. No regrets at all! Glenn, you are a well, a river an ocean of knowledge. I see in you the passion to help people become financially free, and I believe everything you said on this course because you’ve been there and done it! I’m glad I have signed on to the Mentorship!”


Jennifer Okoh

“1. Lots of advanced property investment strategies. Clever and interesting.
2. Nice tea/coffee/biscuits.
3. Intimate group of people, a lot of questions being answered.
4. No obvious up-sell, good strategy! No pressure.
5. Intensely psychology games/role play.”


Cindy Maddrell

“What an amazing course – extremely beneficial. Learnt a lot about HMO’s and constructing financing.
Will definitely do the Mentorship & Partnership”



“A broad in-depth insight presented by a true master of his craft. No frills, just great content!”


Gerry Henry

“Excellent material, an eye opener for what can be done. Was more than I expected. A lot of information, giving you the confidence that what ever you bring to Glenn he will find a solution. Nice friendly staff, I have really enjoyed being on this course. In summary; thank you for everthing, it has been a very good four days.”


Khalid Boulanouare

“Great stuff Glenn! Looking forward to making money together!”



“Interesting content. Well delivered. Lots of insights. Thank you for sharing. We are going to rethink how we invest from this point forward. This course has opened our minds and we look forward to working together in the future.”


Ivan & Anna

“What great insights into so many creative ways to work with property. Glenn is a treasure chest of information and knowledge. Good bunch of people on the course to network with. Mel & Tony were great! Thank you.”


Sanjay Shah

“I really appreciate the contribution from all of your team.
Very precise, accurate data to enable me to move on and to unlock the things that were locked. Thank you for giving me the confidence to move on to the next level. All the best.”


Dario Ferrero

“Mind blowing.”


Robert Jumpp

“Mind opening!! So many possibilities. Highly recommended!!”


Karlette Briscoe

“Fantastic course, delivered exceptionally well and the word ‘intensive’ fits! It’s been an amazing experience and one which has enlightened me into a sophisticated property investor. Thank you!”


Loic Jones

“This course has been totally amazing. I have been challenged to operate way out beyond my present comfort zone. I will jump on board of the Mentorship Programme. I am so ready to run with it!”


Earl Hibbert

“Knowledge is power. I am now in the top 1% of knowledgeable investors. Creative and inspirational strategies. Really opens the mind.”


Rosemary O’Regan

“Wonderful. Life changing. Well organized and managed. Overwhelming atmosphere, brilliant mentoring! Thank you Melanie, Sarah, Tony and of course Glenn.”


Gosia Lazar

“This course has given me the ‘push’ I needed to look at new ways to not only move my business forward, but also myself. Every part of every day was filled with fantastically delivered information, which even made sense to me, as a ‘non-investor’. Thank you so much for inviting us, this will no doubt have a huigely positive impact in so many ways.”


Andy Tinely

“Wow!! Bloody brilliant! An amazing 4 days, a lot of information and a lot of fun. I was very impressed by the knowledge that Glenn has, and how simple the concept of everything was.”


Dave Johnson

“The course has been very informative and I will be signing up for the Mentorship. Can’t wait to get back to London and speak to possible JV partners.”


Samantha Hibbert

“An absolutely fantastic ‘mind blowing’ 4 day course. I have learnt so much and know realize how much more I can do. It has really ‘fired me up’ to become a ‘Sophisticated Investor’ instead of a ‘Traditional’ one, as in the past. I intend coming back to another 4 day course in the Spring to listen and learn again. Brilliant atmosphere with ‘like minded’ people, & never a dull moment. Thank you Glenn and your team for making these 4 days so very enjoyable.”


Christine Hunter

“Thank you. Thought provoking & full of info. Probably too much info for me to remember, but a great springboard for moving forwards.”


Sarah P

“Very enjoyable, full of information…. Very enjoyable and would recommend. Many thanks. Very friendly and welcoming from all staff and students.”


Richard Humphries

“Excellent – look forward to working with Glenn in the future! Liked the real life examples. Good strategies. Good staff assisting the course.”


G & K Singh (brothers)

“Amazing content. You don’t know what you don’t know for sure – just the tip of many icebergs…..makes me realize how key it is to keep up to date with what’s happening in property. The support is key.”


Kwesi Johnson

“It was a relaxed environment. Glenn gave us his all – answering queries from us all, both during and outside of his enjoyable presentations, with guidance and suggestions. The social event and mingling with other participants contributed to an informality and good cheer! Thanks to Glenn, Mel, Steve, Tony & Sarah for looking after us all.”



“I chose this training because I knew this was a hands on course and I knew this would make me actually do it It’s been a great course that’s really stretched my brain – fantastic concepts- no one else I’ve seen has Glenn’s can do, go get attitude – this course has changed my life and has enabled me to fulfill my dreams of looking after my family and playing full out in my retirement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Alan Kipping

“An opportunity not available anywhere else. Meet, chat, learn, grow your business and understanding of property with a close knit community of outstanding individuals. Share journeys with likeminded entrepreneurs. I’ve learnt so much, made great connections and truly value the time spent at Glenn Armstrong’s Mastermind day”


Sarah Azzout

“When you’re are searching for the place to educate yourself in property, Glenn Armstrong offers, simple explanations, easy to understand information and 100% support to begin your chosen journey.
Glenn and his team are approachable he gives clear and concise advice on all courses offered throughout the year.
Look no further because you’re in the right place for your future no matter what your background. Fabulous! Informative/Energetic.”



“What can I say? This was another simply amazing session with Glenn and a great opportunity to glean from a wealth of knowledge.”


Earl Hibbert

“Another day packed with creative ideas”


Kathryn Fletcher

“A very worthwhile day! The goal setting has really helped me to focus and has come at the right time of year. I didn’t do well at the role play because I was not selling at a loss!”


Natasha Campbell

“Absolutely fantastic!!”



“My first Mastermind Day. Very useful. I picked up lots of information. The best part was seeing Glenn negotiate first hand. I also found the goal setting for the coming year very helpful.”



“Learned things right from the start. It was a great event and I love how it’s open to questions at all times.”


Adam Pool

“I have really enjoyed today! I sourced my first 2 properties in the first month after attending Glenn’s 4 Day Course. I have met many wonderful people, especially Pete Okely. I am very sure I will hit my target of £3000 per month very soon. Thank you Glenn.”


Gladys Adeleye

“A Mastermind day full of insights. Monthly action plans and an accountability buddy.”


Andrew Tanner

“I found that there was an incredible amount of information presented, yet in a way I could keep up. Ashley was easy to listen to, the pace was steady, and it seems everything was covered. The venue was well suited for the event - I particularly liked the framed posters, containing uplifting & inspiring messages & captions. I was not bored at any time, and those moments when I felt doubt or negativity did not last long, and left quickly. I’m glad, too, that I was amongst a room full of mostly beginners, and I found it easy to talk to people. I learned many new things, my energy stayed high all day, and I left the event feeling motivated, inspired and positivised. Almost a week later, I still feel this way, and am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the G A environment. I also enjoyed meeting Tony & Jamie, too, and look forward to starting my course within the next 2 - 3 months. If you are looking to get involved with property in any way then this course is a MUST. A number of topics are covered by someone who has been there and has the knowledge to help others. Do NOT miss the opportunity! Thanks for everything!”


Glenn B

“This course opens up new & potential money making opportunities in property. Property investment is becoming static as far as the knowledge required to do it, but Glenn and his team have creative ways of doing deals and teaching others how to do it successfully. Team ‘Glenn’ is not in it to make only for themselves, but to help others and to share the ‘love’ This is my aim to do. A day well spent.”


Jacob Akiwumi

“I found the day very interactive. Packed with a lot of information and opportunities which have fed my hunger to increase my property knowledge.”


Jonathan Bartlett

“Very insightful. Learnt a lot. Good content.”


Shauna Henderson

“I believe this is one of the best courses I have ever attended. The course is not detailed, but it opens one’s eyes to how deals can be made with less money. What I like about it is, it is presented by people who have actually done it and have succeeded in it. So the examples shared are real, which brings out the ultimate goodness of the event. “I have always been interested in properties so I hope to enrol on he 4 day course to broaden my horizon. Great course for future investors.”


Ernest Orchard

“It was a very informative & enlightening day. There were few things explained to us that I had no idea existed! I am definitely going on the day course.”


Patrick Anderson

“Excellent day, packed with useful information I’m looking fioward tirecieving the home study course. Also how not o make the mistake I’ve made in the past”


Christine Hunter

“Learnt about BOGOF’s and Land Deals today. Looking forward to the next step and learning more!!!”


Mike McInerney

“A very interesting and informative introduction to sophisticated property investment strategies. A day wel spent & great food for thought.”


Andrew Turner

“Informative. Helped with thinking through what we can do. Confirmed for us that we have made the right choice to become property investors and to work with Glenn and his team.”


Marvelle Brown

“Very impressed with Ashley and Glenn. Very complete, which was a pleasant surprise! Covered a good range of topics with some excellent tips and guidance whilst not overselling any products or services. Great inspiration and inspiration. Overall an excellent day.”


Stephen Robinson

“A very interesting day. Good relaxing presentation. Obviously a very professional company.”


Colin Robinson

“I have learned a lot and would have paid £100+ for the day. I am very inexperienced and want to learn. Ash presented very well, with confidence and in a timely manner. I will 100% be going into this industry and hope to make Glenn loads of dosh …… and maybe me too!!”


Dan Whitehead

“Very useful day so far. Lots of information, without being completely overwhelming. I found both Ashley & Glenn to be great speakers. Looking forward to the 4 Day Course and getting stuck in now!”


Omeed Alikhanizadeh

“Inspiring and terrifying at the same time! We aimed to know more on departure than arrival and although I know why we haven’t succeeded up to now, I am certain this is going to change. Glenn you are very astute & personable and we want to learn from one of the best. See you soon.”


Carole & Patrick Fort

“Good course – lots of info on what is possible. Ignites your interest in what can be achieved.”


Stephen Edelston

“A good full day of information; because only one day, you leave wanting more!”


Roland Alexander

“Educational. Very interesting and learnt a lot. Going to sign up to the 4 Day course to learn even more. Thanks.”



“Informative, easy to understand. Focused. Good Investment of time.”


Lee Gold

“Great introductory course & makes you aware it is not as difficult to become ‘financially free’ as everyone says. If you don’t know something & need advice, call Glenn. Thanks for the opportunity & thanks to your team for everything so far……. Looking forward to the next 18 months & to becoming comfortable and financially free.”



“Lots of fab information on things you know and lots of things you don’t. Very, very informative. Well worth it.”



“Today is my first time and m really enjoying everything. I have really learnt a lot. Thanks for educating me.”


Sarpong Kofi

“Well structured. Good Information. Very encouraging.”



“I learnt a lot on this day. I am very happy knowing what I now know.”



“Great exposure. Great to meet enthusiastic like-minded people who are taking action in property investment. Perhaps my strongest commendation of Glenn Armstrong and his training and mentoring services is that he has been and continues to seriously ‘walk the talk’. He is doing very significant deals in today’s market and teaching and helping others do the same – in practical hands on way. I found the workshop challenging, educational and stimulating. I anticipate this will be transformational experience for me.”


Vincent Abdul

“Very informative & inspirational. Although it mainly focussed on property, the course, (both speakers – Ashley & Glenn) also touches a person at their core and looks into the mind and spirit of attendees, (me at least!!), and asks the attendee to reflect. Very positive and encouraging. The outcome maybe to encourage property investors into strong earnings, but also helps to encourage and build character.”



“An unmissable day of “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” It’s definitely a road map all in one place for success in property investing. A BIG thank you.”


Imitaz Ahmed

“Well-presented and not too much information overload. Feel like I have got enough information to try a couple of deals prior to taking the 4 day course.”


Vincent & Jessica Kelly

“I believed myself to be a traditional landlord/investor having 3 houses and a flat; this was confirmed by Ashley and Glenn today. However after this one day course, I have learnt so many things and different strategies that I would never have thought of in my life to grow my small portfolio and become a sophisticated investor.”



“I’ve been impatient to get moving, but want to do it right, which is the reason why I’m here. I’m so pleased I didn’t go ahead and purchase property over the last month because I can already develop one property not using equity or savings. A good introductory course I will sign for the 4 day course. Update!!! – just signed up during the break!!”



“I attended the one day course to get more of an insight into investing in today’s market. This course certainly did that. Great content; I would highly recommend anyone to attend who is considering getting into property investing.”



“Very insightful. I have learnt a lot, and this day has opened my mind about property investing.”



“Packed full of content. A one day course that teaches not sells – very refreshing and more importantly……Informative!”



“Great fun, very informative and learned loads and has given me a completely different outlook. I need to revisit my strategy, or should I say, start my strategy.”



“Very interesting and informative. Useful hints and tips to get started in property. Current & up to date information about what really works - now!”



“As a beginner into property and investments I can say that I took a lot out from the one day investor course and the information, I think, is very valuable and practical in real life. Ashley and Glenn are knowing what they do, and learning from someone with such experience, I think is really crucial. I noticed the attitude of the group is “doing now” which is a really good example of just going out there and doing it. Thank you for your time!”


Ion Jernovoi

“I have enjoyed the time spent on the training and it has been very constructive.”



“Really helpful. Has given me much knowledge to move on, sooo pleased!”