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HMO Sourcing

HMO Portfolio builder

  • Would you like a high yielding HMO?
  • Would you like a portfolio of high yielding HMO’s
  • No spare time to find them?
  • We have the answer for you…
  • Would you like a high yielding HMO sourced for you by one of experienced and trained specialist in your chosen area?

Welcome to Glenn Armstrong’s HMO sourcing service

Great cash-flow HMO’s for sale in various towns across the UK

Our wealth creation team are an experienced and well trained group of people who are all on my partnership programme and contracted to source HMO’s for our clients. They are already on their own path to property success and financial freedom and are working very closely with Glenn on a daily basis.

They are an amazing resource that is at your disposal and will share their time and knowledge to help you build and manage a high yield hands off (if required) HMO portfolio.

Our HMO sourcing service is exclusively available through the partners in our Partnership Programme.

The HMO strategy has been the chosen because it is the best cash flow strategy

The HMO strategy will give you an amazing return on your investment and to help you get the additional income you are searching for.  We have a tailor made service which allows you to have as little or as much involvement in the process as you choose. From choosing location and specifications of the property, to managing the project refurbishment to HMO regulations as per your council and managing yourself/ourselves or providing good management options for you.

Our sourcer’s are placed all over the country and some are happy to travel to your desired or requested areas.

Once we have signed contracts we will put you directly in touch with your paired sourcer. They are there to work for you and support you as much as you need. If required (recommended) you can view the short listed potential HMO’s together.

See Sourcer Bio’s

These are the steps needed to setup:

Step 1) Register below

Step 2) Initial fact finding consultation so we can find out your requirements and match you to one of our sourcing team

Step 3) Sign contracts

Step 4) We will then introduce you to the most suitable sourcer based on the returns you are looking at, deposits you have available, area you choose.

Some areas have high capital growth and low returns (yield) and property prices are high. Areas like London, Brighton and Oxford

Some areas have very minimum capital growth high returns (yield) and property prices are low. Areas like Liverpool, Hull and Stoke on Trent

Step 5) Speak with sourcer make sure you are happy with them and the yields and prices in the areas they are sourcing in.

Step 6) Pay the £500 commitment fee

Step 7) Our sourcer will start spending time looking for a property that meets your requirements

Step 8) Once found you can then buy the property that meets your requirements, on completion our fee is payable

Step 9) We will if you require oversee the refurb that is required and ensure the property is bought up to HMO requirements (see terms and conditions)

Step 10) We will start finding tenants or an agent to work with us to find tenants (see terms and conditions)

To get more details please complete your details on the form on the right side of this page

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