Press Release - 10 Top Tips on How to Evict Tenants

Posted on 29. Jul, 2010 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

10 Top Tips on How to Evict Tenants Most Effectively with Buy-to-Let Landlord and Millionaire Glenn Armstrong

With a portfolio of 193 buy-to-let properties, worth over £30 million, Glenn Armstrong is a highly experienced landlord who knows how to handle tenant evictions most effectively! He has the following tips for landlords on how to deal with every eventuality and how to ensure a smooth eviction process.



Always have sufficient reason to evict; it’s imperative to check your local laws before beginning eviction and make sure you have valid reasons for eviction.

  1. Do your research. For advise and procedures go to
  2. While going through the possession process we suggest you apply for a Small Claims Judgment. I am always surprised at how often we then get paid. If they do not pay this will raise a CCJ against the particular tenant. It will also prevent them from renting out another property from anyone who references new tenants.  For more information go to
  3. Know your eviction time lines and make sure the grace period is included in the rental agreement. Above all, ensure that you follow the proper proceedings.
  4. Be prepared for court proceedings – have a copy of the tenancy agreement; a copy of the rent schedule and copies of letters and all action taken to date.
  5. Always keep records of the tenant payments and use a suitable Property Management System.
  6. Deliver any formal letters by recorded delivery or by hand with a witness and get the tenant to sign for them.
  7. Make sure you have a valid section 21 signed when you ask the tenant to sign the tenancy agreement.
  8. File for a section 8 Eviction Notice. You may enforce this once the tenant has gone 8 weeks in arrears.
  9. If your tenant is a LHA tenant, once a tenant has gone 8 weeks in arrears, apply for the housing benefit payments to be redirected to you.

Above all, stay cool! At his company G & A Property, Glenn has gone on to share his knowledge with would-be investors and landlords up and down the country in their dream to become truly financially free; at least 24 of his students are now equity millionaires. For more information please visit

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