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Posted on 29. Jul, 2010 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

(RBCA) Encourages All Ethical & Professional Landlords to Take Immediate Action to prepare for FSA Authorisation by 31st July!

On 1st July 2009 all Sale & Rent Back (SARB) activities were captured by FSA statutory regulation. Chairman of the Rent Back Charter Association Glenn Armstrong advises that becoming FSA authorised could prove commercially highly attractive for your business, whether as a SARB investor or as a SARB adviser or broker. The FSA deadline for applications is 31st July.

Glenn Armstrong is a 49 year-old property millionaire whose portfolio of 193 properties is worth over £30 million, since starting up in 2004. He runs mentoring and training courses, sharing his property system with many new landlords, several of whom now own over 30 properties.

RBCA have teamed up with FSA Compliance Experts to offer members hands-on practical support and assistance throughout this process. First you attend a half-day workshop explaining everything involved, then if you wish to proceed you get a half-day one-to-one consultancy that helps you complete your FSA Application and assesses your chances of success. For more information about the workshops on offer please visit

Rent Back Charter Association - The RBCA represents the interests of ethical & professional smaller and larger landlords alike, whose rental business is already specialised, or looking to become more specialised, in the purchase of properties at below market value and renting them back to their former owners over a number of years.

They believe that ethical & professional landlords can offer a “triple-win” outcome to distressed homeowners and mortgage lenders, without the emotional trauma, financial damage, and social upheaval that repossession and eviction inevitably brings.

The Association is managed by a non-profit making company (Rent Back CA Limited) whose five founder directors formed the founding RBCA Council. At the first AGM in October 2008, the Council was elected by the members of the Association, and is authorised by the members to represent their interests in negotiation with third parties, and to adjudicate disputes between Members and their Rent Back Tenants.

For more information or to interview Glenn Armstrong about the Rent Back Association and becoming FSA Authorised please contact Natalie Whitlock at Full Portion Media on 0845 225 1500 or email [email protected]

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