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The best way to create a cash flow when starting with low amounts of cash!!


I recently spoke to a lady who isn’t that well known, about how she managed to create a 10k passive income from property that she doesn’t own starting with very little money. I liked her strategy s…o much that I invited her to come and share her secrets with my mentees at my closed off (mentees only) mastermind day.

Her results are PHENOMENAL! So much so, that I have now implemented her strategy along with my own and am very impressed with the results so far.

This strategy is perfect for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you have just started out in property or if you are a seasoned investor! Who wouldn’t want 10k per month passive income?

More information about her strategy is below


Rent2rent is the fastest way to making massive passive income in property. This strategy had enabled Taiwo and many of her students to increase their monthly cashflow from nothing to thousands of pounds. Taiwo reached the £10K a month passive income within 10 months.

What is Rent2Rent?

Rent2Rent means taking control of a property from a struggling landlord and transforming it into a corporate accommodation instead.

Taiwo invests less than £4,000 to take on the property i.e. rents and deposits and agency fees (if applicable).

She then lets out each room individually to Corporate Working Tenants. The difference between the rent that she charges each individual tenant minus the rent that Taiwo pays to the owner of the property IS GROSS PROFIT.

You are able to make a MINIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) of 100% per annum per property. In fact the PROFIT IS INFINITE PROFIT because, after letting all the rooms out to renters (in the first two weeks of taking the property over from the owner) you have MORE THAN ALL OF YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT MONEY BACK IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

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