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Posted on 18. Sep, 2012 by admin in Glenn's Blog

I run my Monthly Mastermind Day every month and always get really positive feedback about it.

This is the latest feedback:

“Hi Glenn,

Was really good to see you yesterday, you looked really well.

Just want to thank you for a great day, I really enjoyed it. Your lovely team always make me feel so welcome. I always feel like I’ve come home when I come to your mastermind days.

The talks were great and I was so pleased that John Goodinson was there as I really need to sort out my tax .

I met some great people, again.

I really enjoyed the different process for goal setting. When people set huge goals , they often feel so overwhelming and so unrealistic that , you just don’t believe that it can happen, therefore often don’t even bother to start. That’s a great way of putting down the big goal , however saying it’s ok if you achieve one of the others instead, so you don’t feel bad and beat yourself up. It also gets you in the mind set of knowing that you can achieve your goals.

I really look forward to working with you soon. My outrageous goal is that I am a millionaire by September 2013.

I’ve been making full use of the time I’ve spent with Mother to do a lot of work on myself using lots of various techniques and courses, helping rid myself of my negativity and baggage.

Thanks again, it was lovely to see you.

Best wishes


Helen Hampson


“Another fantastic weekend at this month’s mastermind. Without doubt I learn new things every time !! It’s great to be around positive like minded people all focussed on moving forward in their business and personal lives. Whilst Glenn keeps us abreast of the latest strategies I find the goal setting, networking and exchanging of ideas with others within those sessions equally motivating and keeps my monthly to do list growing. There are always great new ideas being shared so every month I’m trying new things, moving forward and sharing those results along with everyone else.The mastermind weekends have to be amongst my favourite weekends of the month. You learn something no matter how experienced you are and its very social.
You will leave having made a few more friends and contacts every time.

I knew very little when I started and it took me just 12 months to acquire a million pound property portfolio and £2500 cash flow. (using all sorts of strategies that were new to me including lease options and delayed completions) I’m still on the mentorship course and things are going from strength to strength. On average I’m completing on a new deal every 8 weeks and loving life. Thank-you Glenn !

Every self improvement book advocates finding a mentor who walks the walk and that inserting yourself into a mastermind group is the best way to accelerate your success. If you want to become financially free in the fastest time using property as the vehicle and you are PREPARED TO PUT IN THE WORK whether you have very little money, bad credit, cannot get a mortgage, or conversely have loads of capital and are experienced but want to take things to the next level - then look no further than the environment Glenn provides. No BS just results and at a fraction of the cost of other courses.”

Sean Brett



“Hi Glenn

Thanks for the mastermind session yesterday. I really enjoyed it.

Even John Goodison’s slot was not boring like accountants can be. I found it very relevant and John came over very well.

I am glad you are motivating people to take action with the M.A.I.N.L.Y. I am enjoying thinking what I can shift next time.

The idea of creating teams as we did yesterday is an excellent idea. In fact, I would go one stage further. I prefer us to buddy up. I don’t know how it would work in your mastermind as there is no necessity to be there every month. I have experienced a buddy before when on self development courses and have got a lot from it. It’s the only way I think to keep motivated.  Very few of us can do it alone.

A few months ago I was feeling like things were not working for me and I wasn’t about to give up. So I recognised my shortcomings and found a hypnotherapist friend of mine as a buddy. Now we have an early call each weekday to support each other in our businesses. We set out our goals and plans for the week and hold each other to account for our actions. As a result, I feel much happier within myself and know that I will succeed (much from the self -hypnosis I am trying) and my buddy has increased her output by 400%). It works very well.

Having the tools is one thing and your webinar to discuss deals is great, but without constant support a buddy can give I feel we will not progress as we could.

I hope this helps. You never know. You may ask me to stand up in front of a future group and tell how I succeeded!

See you next month.



Nick Bailey

“Hi Glenn

As per all Mastermind Day’s held on a monthly basis there is always something new in the content to learn as well the opportunity to network with fellow investors about their experiences and strategies.

I practically enjoyed listening to Christopher Dawkins about the Mobile App industry and how it could better increase our marketability in future deals with the success rate of 97% off Push Notifications messages being opened. This I must admit is area I am not particularly strong on but I do feel that it would be a beneficial part of investing once set up and marketed properly.

I look forward to further content regarding this particular application as well as the possibility of an integrated website that could be built as a platform to further increase credibility and marketability of future deals.

Christopher Bunting”

Chris Bunting


“I have been involved in Property mainly as a small developer since 2006. I’ve also had some pretty bad experiences with Property Mentors and courses that have made me very cynical about them in general. As a result Glenn challenged me to attend a Mastermind Day for free and said that I could publish whatever I thought about it. (I’m

quite vocal on the Internet and have no time for BS). To be honest I didn’t want to go, I expected it to be the same old rubbish I’d heard from other *teachers* and I kept thinking about turning back… I’m really glad I didn’t! Within a few minutes I realised it was really, really good :-0 I never thought I’d say that!  

I’ve been to three Masterminds now and Glenn has enrolled me on his one-year Mentorship program. As a direct result of that I’m buying a house in Bristol that I expect to make about £30K on flipping. I would never have bought this without Glenn’s help. I’ve had some success buying very cheap properties including a half-price flat in Bristol, but I was looking in the wrong way and the wrong price-bracket to have spotted this one.

I think the Mastermind days are good as a taster for the full program, there is value in the way they get me to re-think what I’m doing and add in some knowledge, plus goal-setting, but the main value for me is as part of the whole package.

The other thing is that people often ask why someone who runs a genuinely successful Property business would want to bother with running courses. With Glenn the answer is obvious. He loves it! People tend to be good at what they love doing, so there you are! He’s also a really great guy just to hang out with. After the Mastermind it’s common for the group to retire to the bar, then the Chinese Restaurant, then back to Glenn’s gaff for more drinks and usually a few people sleep over. That’s going way beyond the call of duty, because for Glenn it’s much more than just a job or a business, it’s enjoyable too! I wonder how many other mentors do that?

I would certainly recommend it to just about anyone who wants to get ahead in Property, whether experienced or new. Glenn is able to taylor strategies and tactics to suit individual ability and preference - his is deffo NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. I frequently hear people saying they have been on a number of property courses but Glenn’s is the best.

The only people I would not recommend it to are people who lack funds to do it without getting deeper into debt, and those who lack the motivation to do things for themselves. No one else can do it for you! Glenn is good at motivating people, but if you can’t be bothered, don’t bother.

Cheers, Rich Greenland”

Richard Greenland

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