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Posted on 16. Feb, 2010 by glenn in Glenn's Internet Marketing

One tip I have been given by the traffic master is to get the people that visit your site to sign up to your RSS feed.

What is an RSS feed? An RSS feed automatically sends you updates from your favourite websites or blogs, so you never miss any thing from that site. That way everytime you add a new message they get an alert and read it.

The best way to get people to sign up to your RSS feed is to show them how to sign up people to their own RSS feed.

You demonstrate how to do this by guiding them through a “step by step how to do it” usng your own site as a demo run.

it goes like this;

How to set up an RSS feed.

Setting up an RSS feed is really easy!

Step 1 sign up for a reader

You can use any number of readers for this, but here’s one that I use :

Sign up for a google account email account. Log into the account. The menu at the top will contain a link for the reader :

And heres the reader :

You can use readers from these places as well :

Step 2 :
Set up a connection between your reader and your favorite website. This process is called subscribing. Lets Subcribe to Glenn Armstrong’s Blog site. First we find the link that says “subscribe” or “add a subscription” on our selected Reader.

Click on the button and it brings up a field for you to enter the address of the site you want to subscribe to . Have a look below :

The name of your new subscription now appears in the reader, as well as the new content from the website feed.
Have a look here :

And just so you can see, here’s the content from the original site :

And That’s it. You can set up an RSS feed for any blog or website that you want to stay up to date with, and you don’t have to be constantly revisiting the site.


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