There is nothing new about lease options or the way they can be used to control and profit from property without the encumbrances of mortgages or the fees and frustrations associated with buying a property.

We focus on giving you practical and implementable advice that is based on the knowledge glenn has gleaned from deals done over the past weeks, months and years of investing and trading in property.

Our lease option products wil help you understand:

  • How to make an option work for every individual deal
  • How to guarantee cash flow from the properties you wish you'd never bought
  • How to enable a vendor in negative equity to move
  • How to quickly and easily calculate whether the deals stack up
  • How to sell an option on and avoid some perilous legal mistakes
  • Everything there is to know to make lease optioning work for you

Lease options
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Advanced lease option deals
Intensive mentoring with Glenn

Lease Options
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Acclaimed Lease option


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Advanced lease


Full day of intensive mentoring with Glenn


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