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The Property Investors Anti Sell

Dealing with estate agents on a daily basis gives you an insight into a new way of thinking. Estate agents come in all sorts of disguises and can change in an instant if you don’t know how to deal with them nor should I say the words that they speak.

Being sophisticated investors is not always an easy way to make money – yes you will make a lot of money when you find the right deals and when you have an few estate agents that know how to sell your strategies to the vendors.

I have a lot of experience dealing with estate agents and many will actually try to convince the vendor that your offer is not what they want to move forwards with. Solicitors who don’t understand what you do will also try to convince the vendor that this is ‘risky’.


Because you have not explained well enough what you are trying to achieve with your offer. If the agents or solicitors don’t understand what you do then they will anti sell YOU and YOUR offer.


When you go forwards with a delayed completion offer because you need to lock out the property in order to carry out works or to get planning or for any other reason many agents don’t even know or have never even heard of this. Wow! You may say.

Then you hit another agent with an ‘option’ strategy for similar reasons to those mentioned above and again they will not know what you are talking about.

In defence of the agents and solicitors out there it is your job to educate them from the start and to demonstrate that you are in fact a sophisticated investor. You must understand all factors of property investing if you are going to deal with advanced strategies so you can explain this in as few words as possible to help them understand this.

Direct deals with vendors will be even harder as you are the agent here and you need to educate the vendor and help them understand how you wish to buy.

If you want to go down the traditional route of investing and save up a load of money, buy a house and then save up again this will take a long time to get to your goals. Yes you can do it this way and after a while things start to compound. You will start to gain equity in your properties, re-finance and release money and buy more houses so the need to save becomes less.

Using the advanced strategies that we teach and practise on a daily basis will catapult you to achieving your income goals much more quickly.

Start out by attending my one day new investor day - which is free of charge – and learn how to articulate these advanced strategies so you too can start making the money you deserve.

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Ashley Banfield

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