Are you looking in the right place for success?

Posted on 17. Nov, 2011 by admin in Glenn's Blog


On Monday, I am excited to be speaking at the UKs Leading Property event. I was their first guest speaker four years ago. So to be invited back is a privilege. One thing I have noticed is people spend SO much time looking for success in the WRONG place. I will show you how to look in the right place.

The Berkshire Property Meet is the RIGHT place for you to meet up to 200 property people. You can network, learn, associate and leave with a bunch of new contacts. They could become potential business partners, contacts, mentors, and / or friends. Juswant & Sylvia Rai the hosts of the event are dedicated to YOUR success. So make the most of it.

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This month I will share with you “IF I HAD TO DO IT ALL AGAIN, KNOWING WHAT I KNOW NOW…”
Most people when they hit an obstacle look for someone to blame. Those that wish to succeed put all their energy into finding a way around, over or through it.
* Would I be able to buy 52 properties in 48 weeks again?
* How would I spend my time to maximise results, profit and the desired lifestyle?
* Knowing everything I know about business and property, what would I do different today if I were to start all over again?

* Where would I look for those deals

* How would I raise finance?

This will be a FULL HOUSE as the Berkshire Property Meet is every month!

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I look forward to seeing you ALL at the Berkshire Property Meet.

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