How to become the local topdog investor in your area

Posted on 21. Nov, 2011 by admin in Glenn's Blog


Investing in property is a great way of increasing your monthly cash-flow in order to give you a better lifestyle, however, it isn’t easy. But, if everything in life was easy, it wouldn’t be fun, right?

That’s why I would like to help you! I have done literally hundreds of deals since June 2004 so I have a lot of experience.

One of my best sources of deals has been from the local estate agents.

When you go into an estate agent; almost all the time you are looking at properties that have been rejected by the local top dog investors.

Here’s what happens when an estate agent gets a really good deal:
- Vendor walks in and says “I need to sell quickly”
- Estate agent rings local top dog and says “How much will you pay for property X? I have a vendor who needs to sell quickly…”
- What do you think local top dog investor will offer? They will normally offer 70% of market price.
- If the vendor agrees to sell property, the deal never gets marketed, never goes on the website and never even gets a sales sheet

This is what I call a “pocket listing”.

I would like to share with your how to become your local top dog.

If you would like to find out how, please click here

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