Why Property?

Posted on 27. Dec, 2012 by admin in Glenn's Blog


Today, I want to tell you WHY YOU SHOULD invest in property..

You see, contrary to what people want you to believe, it is not easy to get rich from property or any other business for that matter. In fact, it is a lot of hard work, long hours and a lot of determination!

I’m telling you this because having bought and sold hundreds of properties over the past 8 years, I know that it is certain you will face many challenges along the way, regardless of how much valuable knowledge you will learn.


But it is worth it!

I want you to answer this question:


“WHY should I invest in property?”

We are all incredibly busy people, our phones constantly ringing, email inboxes pinging with email after email and between work and “personal time”, you tend to have a limited amount of time to get “stuff” done..

And because we have so much “stuff” to do, it is very easy to put our property business (or any other business) on the back burner and say “I’ll get to it eventually.” This may be a reason as to why your goals are falling short.


Here is a piece of advice that will help you to overcome that challenge and if someone had told me this when I first started, I could have avoided a lot of mistakes and saved a lot of time.


If your WHY is clear enough, then your goals will be easier to achieve. Knowing what your why is, helps to put your goal into perspective and gives you the inspiration to achieve them.

Property can give you the financial freedom that you deserve, and along with the long term growths and high yields that is possible, property is one of the safest ways of creating an unlimited amount of money… Slowly. Property is not a get rich quick scheme, and I would never advocate otherwise but done properly, it is highly profitable.


Sophie is one of my students, and has recently cashed out 40k in a property that she sold. Imagine what you could do if you were able to do that once, twice, even ten times a month.. It really is endless.


I want to help you start out in property, which is why I have created a totally free six part guide (both in video and pdf format). You can get access to this report, by filling in your details on the right hand side. Every few days, you will be sent one part of my report, totally six altogether. I look forward to helping you out in the future.


Have a great 2013!



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