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Posted on 05. Apr, 2013 by admin in Glenn's Blog

This Month’s Mastermind Day is a very special day.

Not only will we be having a very special guest speaker, but as April is the start of the financial year, why not make it the start of your property business or take the opportunity to take advantage of our special offer!!

If you want to attend our Mastermind Day, all you need to do is to bring another friend along who is interested in property to qualify for a 66% discount. You would only be paying £50+vat each!!
The normal price of attending one of these days is £180 per session but we’ve come up with a no-brainer deal for you! Come as a pair and pay a total of £120! That’s a massive saving of £200!!

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The benefits of a mastermind group are well documented!

1. You have a group of people available to help you succeed.
2. You get the benefit of differing perspectives, input and feedback.
3. Your mastermind group can bring resources and connections to the table you might not have had on your own.
4. You receive accountability and inspiration from the group, thus enabling you to maintain focus in achieving your goals.

Really hope to see you there!

Ian Lawson talking about his fantastic progress since joining the programme.

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