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The “Challenge Glenn” Property Networking Event


Would you like to come and spend a few hours with me?

Are you a property newbie, seasoned professional, or somewhere in between?

  • As a seasoned professional, are you missing out on deals due to gaps in your knowledge
  • As a newbie, maybe you don’t know what you need to know?

The property market is continually evolving; strategies that worked over the past years probably don’t work so well, if at all, today.

All of us experience challenges or hit stumbling blocks within our property business. This event is your solution!

However… there are new strategies available to us now that are perfect for the current market conditions.

As a newbie investor, where do you start?

Sure there are plenty of books out there, full of information; however, most are out of date as they go to print!

Come and challenge me for 3 hours!

This event will take place at my Bletchley Office, 41a Queensway, Bletchley, MK2 2DR

Whatever challenges you have, I am confident I WILL be able to help you.

So I’ll ask again, where do you go to find out what works in today’s market?

For just £25+vat you can come and spend 3 hours with me, where we can discuss any deals and dilemmas you may currently be facing.

No one else will offer sessions like this for only £25!! Why do I do it? I want to have some fun doing what I love doing.

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