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Brimming With New Ideas

I have known Glenn for many years - long before he became a property millionaire.  


I  am  a successful BTL landlord and own about a dozen  properties.     I had been enjoying my BTL income for some years, and thought I knew it all.  However the credit crunch  changed our business.  So I decided to further my property education. There was only one person to go to. When I attended Glenn’s 4 day course 3 years ago,  I was amazed at  how much farther he had travelled down this complex property road than I had, and I was full of admiration for the different ways he had identified to make money from property.  I was  also fascinated to see  how many different levels of property expertise his students had  - both newbies and seasoned landlords came to his courses and they all left brimming with new ideas.  Glenn has a knack of explaining things in easy ways, so that even innumerate folks like me could understand them ! 
His support and encouragement gave me the knowledge, and confidence, to go back into the property market after not buying for a few years.  He also sourced a property for me at a substantial discount and which still has exceptionally good cash-flow - his sourcing fee was very modest indeed, especially when compared to other companies in the property education field.  I have invested in several of his training sessions and always got excellent value for money.
Glenn also made time to encourage me to maintain my weight loss programme, and over a year he text me every week to ensure I stayed on track.  I lost half my body weight and without him and his family I would not have done this.
I have seen Glenn help many people who were in familial difficulties, without telling anyone what he had done. He has done these things simply because he is a very kind hearted man.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Thank you Glenn.

Collette Lord  

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