Make You a Millionaire Mentoring

My guarantee to you:

Coming on my mentoring programme will change your life forever.


If after joining our mentoring programme, you do not feel that you will have enough information to become financially free within 3 years and a property equity millionaire within 5 years, we will give you a full refund.


We are frequently asked- “Is there a way to own or control a profitable portfolio with no real capital behind you and with no experience in property investment?”


With our help and having access to all of our knowledge, we can honestly say yes.

Our Millionaire Mentoring Programme is a combination of all of our knowledge, experiences, contacts and products.

Sign up and follow the mentoring programme and you can become an equity millionaire in 3-5 years dependant on your commitment and capital:

The Millionaire Mentoring Package includes:

  • Level 1 Property Investors Weekend
  • Level 2 Property Investors Weekend
  • Level 3 Property Investors Weekend
  • A comprehensive mind-set programme to guarantee success
  • Direct weekly mentorship from Glenn through webinars
  • A range of literature and DVD’s
  1. Dealing with estate agents
  2. Dealing with repossessions
  3. How to set up a leafleting company
  4. Make 400k from 3 deals

This is a 12 month programme which is designed to get you started in property investment. If you are a seasoned investor, it will help you to make far more from property portfolio.

The cost of our 12 month mentoring and support programme is just £5000 + vat.

Contact Melanie on 01908 423722 or [email protected]

I KNOW A MAN WHO CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO BECOME A PROPERTY MILLIONAIRE! Are you fed up of going to property course after course after meeting after meeting & still feeling like you don’t have the practical step by step answer to how to be a successful property investor? Fed up of paying lots and lots and lots of money to be taught about real estate yet afterwards realising that you don’t have enough info, resources or support to actually be an active investor? Fed up of listening to lots of people talk about the theory of property but not guide you through the day to day practice? Then you have got to come to Glenn Armstrong’s Mastermind sessions.

The best thing that has happened to me in the world of property investment was being introduced to Glenn. As a newbie to property Glenn & his team have the answer to all my needs so I can grow from an inexperienced newcomer into a wealthy & wise investor.

For example, his monthly mastermind meetings are awesome & a must to go to. One visit & any sensible person is hooked! I love going as all I have to do is attend then Glenn & his team provide quality resources & information time & time again. Apart from his personal teaching & opportunity for all of us to discuss our property issues, Glenn has the unique position to be able to get top quality investors & other experts to teach us too.

As he is Grandmaster, Property Millionaire, expert & advisor in his field other experts come to him for advice & he often gets them to teach us too (if they are good enough).

Another thing I love about Glenn is that he is not greedy at all when teaching others. He always charges well below what other’s do & yet the value is much more more than theirs. He also makes sure that anyone he gets to do seminars & courses for us give us sessions at a huge discount or even free! During the masterminds you get a taste of what the other lecturers have to offer. Apart from Glenn teaching us himself, we can also discuss our challenges, go through specific deals, network and even practice techniques if we have to. Look, just go to one session & you’ll see what I mean…. You’ll be hooked just like the rest of us!

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