Partnership Programme

If you are thinking of investing in property I can help you make the correct decision when choosing your investment property

Earn £200,000 per year flipping property using none of your own money!!

  • I will teach you how to do this!
  • I will fund your projects if needed!
  • No deposits required if you don’t have it!
  • No mortgages required if you cannot get one!
  • Zero cost marketing!

My Partnership Programme is only being offered to a very small number of applicants.

If selected, you will learn hands on working alongside myself and then will be able to copy what you learn, in your own area.
I will teach you how to market for properties at zero cost per week (minimum 1 to 2 hours required per week)
I will show you how to convert the phone calls that come in (as a result of your zero cost marketing) into deals. In fact you can listen to me talk to the potential vendors live!!!
I will teach you how to negotiate deals that require none of your cash with sellers
In fact I will take you with me when I visit the potential vendors!!!
If you have cash and can fund your own deposits I will teach you how to get great deals from agents

I will take you out with me when I visit agents.

  • I will teach you how to structure deals, price up refurb projects and negotiate with builders.
  • I will teach you how to oversee the refurb project.
  • I will teach you how to do due diligence to ensure a 20k to 30k profit!
  • I will do the due diligence with you and then come and see the property.
  • I will show you how to do all of the above and while you are learning you can actually work with me and learn hands on!!!

Once you have learnt how to do all of this while shadowing me and working hands on in my business you can then take your new found knowledge and replicate it in an area near you.
It would be better if you could fund the deposit and take out the mortgage however:-
If you have no cash and cannot get mortgages I will provide the financing for the projects that you find. So if you have no cash and cannot get mortgages it does not matter.

Your first project
I will provide the marketing copy
I will do the due diligence with you and come and see the property.
I will fund the purchase and the refurb if necessary.
I will split the profit with you 50 / 50 if I fund it. I will split it 75% 25% in your favour If you fund it.
Your initial investment is £5k which is payable up front when joining the programme and a further 5k on completion of the first project which can be paid from your share of the profit.
If this is of interest to you please send me an email telling me about you and why I should select you to be my one of my selected partners. I will read through the applications I receive and select the best ones for an interview. You will need around 1 spare day per week or per fortnight for approx 10 days in total while I am teaching you.
Please do not be disappointed if I do not select you as I am only selecting a very small amount of people to become business partners.
After your first project you are free to continue working with me and I will continue to fund your deals if you cannot fund them yourself or if you can finance your own deals you can maximise your profit and do this on your own and not pay me a penny or I will continue working with you for a 25% share.

Please email me at [email protected] for details

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