Glenn's Shop

At Glenn Armstrong we run courses and offer comprehensive effective coaching and mentoring that will give you the tools to create a profitable property portfolio and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Over the years Glenn himself has delivered hundreds of invaluable insights into how to create a profitable portfolio and on many occasions has been asked whether he can provide transcript of his courses or DVD's covering specific topics that are particularly relevant and full of information aimed at helping achieve financial freedom.

We are now delighted to offer a continually growing number of courses, reports and educational DVD's that will help all those genuinely determined to profit from property.

  • How to successfully source below market value deals from estate agents
  • How to successfully stop repossession
  • How to successfully start and run your own leafleting company
To visit Glenn's shop and to browse and purchase any of the dvd's available or to book on forthcoming courses just click on the button below

If you are seeking financial freedom, or have money to invest but do not have the time to realise your money's profit potential then call us now on 01908 423700

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